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Life lately and my latest read (It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover)


I learned a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts today hahaha it’s the shortcuts for ♥, ♦, and • respectively. That’s a heart, a diamond, and a bullet point. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover the correct alt codes for them. They’re ALT + 3, ALT + 4, and ALT + 7 respectively yeheyy.

If you’re wondering why it matters, they’re my most used symbols when writing Youtube descriptions. And all these (two) years, I’m freaking copy pasting it from Google or from my old descriptions. So yeah, I’m pretty happy about it! And to make it easier to remember, the ♥ already looks like a 3 as in the <3 emoticon, a ♦ has 4 points, and I don’t know about the • I guess the 7 looks like a gun or something, so may bullets haha or maybe connect the dots? Idk I think I’ve thought hard enough to not forget about it haha.

I finished reading It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover before going to bed this morning and I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads.


(I just used the kb shortcut for ♦ I’m so happy wahahaha)

I’ve never read anything like this before. One thing I liked about it is the perspective it gave me on domestic violence and abusive relationships. How it’s not that easy to leave immediately once you start getting hurt physically. It starts once, then you forgive, because maybe it was an accident, or he was so sorry about it and promised not to do it again. Then it happens again and he’s more sorry and your heart can’t take it. You’re bruised and confused but your love and compassion keeps pushing your limit further and further ’til it disappears into the brink of tolerance. Then one day you get slapped and you think you’re lucky you just got slapped. It’s awful. This book made me feel really hurt about the reality of such relationships. And the fact that it’s drawn from Colleen’s mother’s personal experience only fleshed it out even more. It’s a painful tale which ends right. I can’t say it ends happily, but the ending is right and makes sense. I actually love it.

What I didn’t like though are the characters. I didn’t really care much for them. I struggled to read the first half cos it’s fucking smut and I usually don’t mind tropes granted they’re explained well and makes sense. This book exhibited tons of it but it’s super boring and cliche, there’s insta-love, a love triangle, I’m-not-like-most-girls, and lots of sex I want to throw it off fanfiction.net.

It’s my third CoHo and now I’m getting used to her style. She likes to mix young/new adult tropes with traumatic backstories, if only to make the plotline more emotional unlike most YA’s. I actually like it as it’s more psychological than fantastical and her storytelling tugs more at your feelings than your imagination. 


Yeahhh so that’s my life lately? Keyboard shortcuts and a book? HAHAHA daming ganap no but I hey i just uploaded a new vlog, check it outt

PS. I was supposed to work for real today but guess what huhu please pray for me. Half the time I think I should go work in the office already to regain motivation but I’m not ready to commute again huhu