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Injured again

I started going to the gym on December 1 on my husband’s behest hahaha. He wouldn’t grant me my choice of birthday gift, instead he enrolled me in a nearby gym where he started a month earlier. I didn’t like it at first but it really helped me feel better about my health. I want to be stronger and more fit and be able to do pull ups one day haha. I’m also grateful for Jeckie cos he’s always looking out for me. This is probably my favorite birthday gift hehe.

I got injured three days ago but I’m doing much better now. The trauma though is something I need to work on. I was crying when coach was stretching me earlier because I was too afraid to fold my knee. I’m afraid it would snap, or twist, or whatever, leaving me in permanent disrepair. But it’s all in the mind, I gathered after surviving that session. I was never hurt the whole time, I was just anticipating it. And fear, when held on for too long becomes too real. In my case, it’s pain. For others, it could be more damning.

Usually it’s my right knee that gets injured more often, leaving my left leg to compensate. Now that it’s the other way around, I hope they finally get even?? Hahaha does it even work that way.

For some reason I enjoyed coming to the gym. Maybe because every day is a new set so the workouts vary and I don’t come to dread the routine. One day it’s upper body, one day it’s core, another day it’s footwork, etc. I’m enjoying the variety because it allows my sore body parts to recover while working on other target areas. Also, having a coach to guide and push me means a lot!

My Miniso coffee maker broke this weekend and I was devastated. I have a pour-over and french press as backup but nothing beats the speed and convenience of an automatic coffee maker. I’m the only one who drinks coffee in the house and I drink at least 2 mugs and I love it when I can just pour myself a hot cup when I want to.

I got the Miniso coffee maker from an exchange gift with my cousins two years ago. After it broke, I looked for the exact same coffee maker to no avail. But I did get something that’s built exactly the same, except that it’s black and is from a different brand. I figured it’s the perfect replacement haha. Same size and parts, even the carafe fits. And it’s less than 1,000. Jeckie got it for me as a Christmas gift! Thank you! ♥

I was actually eyeing this automatic drip coffee maker from Delonghi but after looking at the specs, it’s too tall for a 5-cup coffee maker and I didn’t like the glossy white hehe.

The year is coming to an end and I’m feeling hopeful that things would turn out better next year. We’re all fully vaccinated in the family so that’s good. Jeckie and I will probably be summoned back to the office to work soon. I know I need to get back to the office to regain my uhm motivation but I also dread that day because it means I need to get up super early if I wanted to go to the gym, plus I have to spend more for transpo (ie. GrabTaxi) because the EDSA carousel removed the nearest bus stop from our condo and Ortigas and Guadalupe terminals are too far to walk to! Arrghh. I usually only spend 15 pesos going to the office by bus, now It’s gonna cost me 180 urgh.

Haha anyway. Will be on a staycation with my family tomorrow! Looking forward to it! Gotta sleep! 😀