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On the lookout for a nice looking ergonomic chair

My aesthetic nordic chair totally unscrewed last night so I’m on the lookout for a real office chair. One that’s ergonomic that could still be aesthetic (if it’s not too much to ask). For reference here’s my current workstation without a chair:

So see I don’t really have much space for big chairs that has a lot of frills. I just want a simple, height adjustable chair that has nice legs haha.

By the way this is the chair that broke on me.

Remind me to avoid these type of chairs forever. The screws have a way of loosening over time until you fall on your ass.

So what are my prospects?

I’m looking at FlexiSpot TaskChair OMEGA but it’s currently out of stock:

I’m also looking at Stance Philippine’s BetterWork Lite but the armrests aren’t adjustable haha

Fursys is a good brand according to this ergonomic chair Facebook group I’m in (gosh yes there’s a group for every WFH essential now haha) but it’s hella expensive. this Fursys Around chair is one of their cheapest and I like all the features! Adjustable height, armrest, lumbar support, and seat depth.

If you notice I’m partial with nylon legs hehe since it looks better and less clunky than the aluminum ones that are curved and bulky haha.

Anyway. Hope to get a good office chair soon (that I can afford!). 

Back to work!