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5 tips on choosing the best shapewear this 2021


Shapewear works by improving your figure to make it look more presentable. They’re undergarments that compresses, firms, and lifts certain body parts so they appear seamless. With a variety of options, it could be challenging to choose one.  Luckily, you’re at the right place. Here are five important tips you should know in getting the best waist trainer belt, body shaper, or undergarment that is suitable for you.

1. Know your size and stick to it

Shapewear comes in different sizes. If you’re ordering online. it’s important to note what your waist, bust, and hip sizes are to get the perfect shapewear.  If you have time, try on some pieces from a physical store to identify your size. That way you have reference for future purchase.

Once you know your size, by all means stick to it. While it’s tempting to size down to get a firmer, perhaps slimmer look, you only risk appearing bigger because of unwanted bulges. It’s also generally uncomfortable wearing something smaller. So yes, identify what size you’re comfortable with and let the shapewear do its magic.

2. Know your body shape

The key to enhancing your shape is to identify what your body figure is. There are several ways to identify your shape just by looking at your figure in front of a mirror. There are shapes based on fruits: apple, pear, cherry, banana. There are also shapes based on geometry like rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass. Knowing your shape will help you choose the correct structure for your slimming bodysuit.

3. Identify your target areas

What do you want to hide or enhance? Is it your waist, your buttocks, your legs, or your overall body? Whatever your target area is, there is a specific shapewear for that. Check out this FeelinGirl Review to know your options. If you want smooth lines on the upper body, you can go for a torso shapewear. If you want to lift your buttocks or abdomen, you can go for shaper panties. If you want to shape your waist, you can opt for active shapewear like a waist trainer that you can use during workout.

4. Consider your outer wear

Shapewears are designed to complement specific sets of clothing. For instance you don’t want to wear a waist trainer underneath a body fitting gown because it’s thick and hot. For daily use, go for something seamless and comfortable so you can go about your day with ease. Always take into account what you’re wearing outside of your shapewear so you can plan your outfit better.

5. Choose the right fabric

Comfort is very important when donning a shapewear. Most bodysuits are made of nylon and spandex material, which tend to be hot and uncomfortable. It’s good for cold weather to keep you warm, but it’s not exactly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Fortunately, modern clothing technology has allowed manufacturers to create shapewear that are thin, light, and breathable. For a more comfortable experience, feel the garment and choose shapewears made of cotton-blend and lighter materials.