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[Review] Part 1 of my Wink Laser Studio underarm whitening experience

Verdict: 12 sessions not enough, stay tuned for Part 2
Part 2 here: [Review] Part 2 of my Wink Laser Studio underarm whitening experience

So! Remember I shared my experience about SkinSation’s underarm diode laser hair removal? I got the 8+1 promo package and it was great. It’s been over a year and there’s barely any hair growth in my ua now. Unfortunately, I’m still struggling with whitening my underarms. After getting my skin cleared of hair, I went to try several products to see if anything would work but to no avail. Napagod lang ako kaka-try.

I tried using Amira whitening cream for a while. It’s very mild and it worked for me when I was younger, but now I barely see any visible effects. Either they reformulated or di nya na kaya underarms ko haha.

Then I also tried Fresh Formula’s Sgt at Arms, which is all the rave online but still it didn’t work. I find it too strong my ua always ends up getting itchy. So pag kumati, di ko mapigilan magkamot, so lalong nangitim ua ko. If you’re familiar with Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream, sobrang pareho sila ng effect and even the consistency, magkaiba lang amoy hehe. Both hindi ko bet.

So I stopped. I quit trying whitening products and just settled on using Deonat aloe vera tawas deodorant instead. It definitely helped repair my darkened ua, but it doesn’t whiten completely.

That’s when I decided to go for laser treatments. I was eyeing SkinStation’s Axilight procedure for my next step but people online said Wink Laser Studio is better, albeit more expensive. After some deliberation and computations, I decided to get their Laser hair Removal/Laser Whitening package. 


Underarm area falls under medium size. I thought it was super expensive at ₱2,500/session but actually one session covers both underarms naman pala. So not bad! And if you get the package price of 12 sessions for ₱22,500 the price per session comes down to ₱1,875 only. Good deal!

If you use BDO or Metrobank credit card pa, you can stretch the payment for up to 6 months with 0% interest.

I only have BPI credit card with me though and it’s not eligible for 0% interest installment. 

So with interest and at 6 months term, my total installment amounts to ₱23,849.51. 

That’s ₱1,987.46/session. Still not bad considering it’s originally ₱2,500/session.

What you need to know about the package

  • Package prices are always available, it’s not a limited promo thing.
  • You can use the 12 sessions for either hair removal or whitening, or both, whatever the nurse suggests after assessing your skin
  • You can use the package in any branch
  • Observe 4-6 weeks gap between sessions
  • You can share it with a friend as long as its under the same category (medium areas)
  • As mentioned above, 0% interest for up to 6 months installment is available only for BDO and Metrobank credit cards, but you may still use other cards for installment pero with interest na
  • Discounted packages normally have a 5-year validity, but they’re flexible naman just talk to them

Sessions and progress

✱ 1st session: January 30, 2021 (Podium branch)

The nurse inspected my underarms first to see whether I could proceed to whitening already or do hair removal first. Since my last underarm treatment is more than a year already, there are still some small and thin hair growth that needs to be addressed. She recommended to do laser hair removal first to make sure no hair growth would get in the way of my whitening. So that’s what we did, my first session is a laser hair removal one.

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After 4-6 weeks I’m to come back for my next session, which is still subject to the nurse’s assessment. I can’t wait to start with the whitening procedure lol.

Unlike diode laser, the machine they used (Gentle YAG Pro-U) didn’t require a cooling gel. It also targets much deeper into the skin so there’s less chance of regrowth. There’s pain but nothing too much. It’s like being pricked repeatedly but the pain doesn’t linger and quickly subsides. My underarms were very red immediately after, which is normal daw hehe.

Before the session, to show you the amount of damage they’re working with hehe:

Right and left
✱ 2nd session: March 13, 2021 (6 weeks later – Podium branch)

Nurse Lhett checked my underarms and decided we can proceed to laser whitening already, yehey! The machine used was Revlite. There’s still some growth although onti na lang like 3 very thin strands on each underarm.

Before the session:

Right and left

I’m showing before pics because it’s basically the result of the previous session. No lightness of course since the last session was a hair removal one. The Revlite procedure doesn’t show instant results, mga after 1-2 weeks pa daw, so I’m not showing the after pics anymore. The only difference is some redness.

I find this less painful than the hair removal procedure but the pain is different. With the YAG, it felt like I’m being continuously pricked. With Revlite naman it felt like my skin is being rapidly heated one small area at a time. Kakati then hahapdi at times but it’s tolerable. 🙂

✱ 3rd session: May 18, 2021 (9 weeks later – Podium branch)

My 3rd session was 3 weeks overdue because NCR went back to EQC and Wink had to close for some time. The recommended interval between sessions is 4-6 weeks only so I was worried na baka mawalan ng kwenta yung previous session ‘cos it’s been so long.

Before the session:

Right and left

Not much difference no? This 3rd session was a laser whitening one and it’s a bit more painful as they increased the intensity. Baka dahil overdue na nga ako. The nurse assured me that it’s okay na medyo late pero I doubt kasi tinaasan nila yung intensity haha baka pambawi? Honestly kung pwede nga iforfeit yung previous session and ulitin yung laser whitening that’s good for me, but I’m nore sure if it’s good for the business lol. Looking foward to my next sesh. Sana wag na magsara ulit lecheng gobyerno to now they’re getting in the way of my vanity?!?! Hahahaa

✱ 4th session: June 16, 2021 (4 weeks later – Podium branch)

Before my laser whitening session. I think there’s some progress already? It’s not so obvious in the photo but there are areas that are whitening already but it’s still pretty uneven so we’ll see!

Right and left

✱ 5th session: July 14, 2021 (4 weeks later – Podium branch)

There’s definitely some progress here but I had to adjust the lighting to actually see it. It looks darker under warm light. Still not convinced with the progress though, comparing to my very first session but still not losing hope haha.

Right and left

✱ 6th session: October 17, 2021 (3 months and 3 days after – Podium branch)

My goodness this frkn ECQ has terribly messed up my schedule with Wink. I was worried that after such a long gap, the treatment would lose effect so sayang naman binayad ko huhu. I was half expecting Wink to provide a solution for this, maybe reset all my sessions if it’s not asking too much, but I know they’re also just victims of this frkn government’s ineptitude at responding to a pandemic, so I shut just my mouth and hope I didn’t waste 20k++ for this servce. 

I never really got a clear answer on whether the 3 month gap would affect the results of my treatment, so I’ll just try to see for myself. So here you go, mo najor improvement imo.

✱ 7th session: November 12, 2021 (3 weeks and 5 days later – Podium branch)

I really don’t see any difference.

✱ 8th session – December 11, 2021 (4 weeks and 1 day later – Podium branch)

I was transferred to a different nurse cos nurse Lhett went on vacation. Nurse Jec attended to me this time. She applied a stronger setting and focused at the center where all the darkness is concentrated lol. She also went through the sides of my UA with a weaker setting. This session was shorter maybe because mataas yung setting so hindi ganun kababad yung laser sa UA ko unlike before na mahina lang yung setting pero matagal yung treatment. She says higher setting is used to treat chicken skin and lower setting is used to treat pigmentation.

I just noticed that my photos are not consistent but when I look in the mirror feeling ko pumuputi naman sya HAHA. We’ll see.

✱ 9th session – January 28, 2022 (6 weeks and 6 days later – Podium branch)

Right and left

Got Covid so I had to move my sched. My left UA is definitely getting lighter. Both still have some chicken skin. Machine used is Revlite. I got 3 sessions left and I’m not confident it’s enough to really lighten and even out my skin. What do you think? XD

✱ 10th session – February 26, 2022 (4 weeks and 1 day later – Podium branch)

Right and left

I think it still needs a lot of work. I’m nearing the end of my sessions and I’m still not that pleased lol. Still Revlite. Used different settings for each arm as they’re uneven. Hopefully it gets better. I can only confirm that this is effective if I can confidently wear sleeveless clothes already, but so far not yet haha.

✱ 11th session – April 2, 2022 (5 weeks later – Podium branch)

Goooys! I see progress finally! Took me a while to realize that my underarm is actually improving. I just need to see it in a better light, literally haha. Here’s a photo I took a day before my session around 3 in the afternoon, facing the window. Such a milestone haha. I never really noticed it improving cos every time I look in the mirror it’s always overshadowed by something. Yeah, lighting is key.

And here’s a closeup taken from the clinic, the light is pretty warm in the room with only the ring light providing contrast.

Left and Right

I must say, the changes are pretty significant already at this point. There’s still pigmentation present but only at the center. I’m not sure yet if I’ll purchase another package with Wink. Part of me wants to continue the process until I get it really smooth and even. After all, the sessions are transferrable to other body parts in case I’m already satisfied with my underarms. Maybe I can do my elbows next haha.

What do you thiiink?? This is good progress right?? XD

✱ 12th session – April 30, 2022 (4 weeks later – Podium branch)

Sorry I forgot to take a photo in the clinic so I just took a photo the following day. It still shows the progress anyway… which, in my opinion is significant, but not enough. Sadly 12 sessions isn’t enough to fully whiten my underarms, so I purchased another package. 

So yeah, I guess we’ll see in another year? I’ll try to take better progress photos, maybe similar to this one I have cos the lighting is better and it’s easier to see the difference. I don’t think there’s much difference between my previous session and this one. It’s not lightening so much, but at least it’s not darkening so I’m good with that. Yun nga lang this is very expensive for me I don’t even know if I made a good choice repurchasing. Good thing Citi, BPI and Metro credit cards offer 6mo / 0% interest so I was able to split the package price into easier installments.

I’m not sure if it really takes this long to whiten underarms when I don’t even think I have very dark armpits. I think it depends on the lifestyle too? My underarm routine has always been Deonat tawas spray (the aloe vera variant), I also wash my underarms with ponds facial wash in the shower and it helped soften my UA. I never wear sleeveless tops so baka laging may friction sa kili-kili. Idk. I asked the nurses how many sessions does it usually take before the client is satisfied and they can’t give me a straight answer. I understand naman otherwise you’ll end up complaining why ang bagal ng results sayo lol. So I’m guess they know 12 sessions won’t cut it. But still, it would help if they can at least assess how much more you need given that they have your progress photos.

Anyway, I’m wrapping up this post by saying I’m only 60% satisfied with the outcome but I’m repurchasing to see if it’s gonna get better.

There’s definitely going to be a Part 2 to this to document my 2nd availment so stay tuned! My next schedule is on May 28th. Here’s a collage of the progress photos…

I’m not happy with this because I couldn’t get the photos consistent per session and I only lately realized that it’s better to take photos before every session, at home, under consistent lightning, with ME taking it because the nurses take photos differently and the lighting at the studio is too warm. 

Alright, see you on the next blog! 🙂


Part 2 here: [Review] Part 2 of my Wink Laser Studio underarm whitening experience