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[Room Tour] Victoria Court Venice themed room


I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this? How come? I only realized now that I’m about to post our second VC room tour hahaha. So yeah, here it is. Plugging the Youtube video here and recalling everything (not everything ofc *wink*) that happened that day.

So, it was our first time to a motel. We didn’t know what to expect, we were just curious. So one night we decided to drive to their Pasig branch. This was before quarantine started, around March this year so everything was still normal okay hehe.

So yun. We wazed it, and found it funny that the road that’s lined up with motels is called Christian road on the map hahaha. We turned to where the VC logo is pointed and got to this street where there are tons of VC compounds . What’s happening? Why is the place so big? Where do we go? What’s a taxi? What’s a garage? As of writing I still don’t know.

I remember we entered the Escarpment compound. It was dark, there was no guard so we just waited. Eventually someone came up to us and asked for a reservation. We told them we didn’t have any but we’d like to try one of the themed rooms. He pointed us to a different compound.

We drove to the next area, Suites ata yun, and there they gave us the available rooms. I think that time there’s Princess Jasmine, Venice, and Cinderella. We went for Venice.

They led us to a car port where there’s a narrow flight of stairs that leads to the anteroom, then to the main room. This setup is really cool. You have your own private parking space and upstairs is your unit! So here you go, a bunch of pics to show how beautiful and ornate the Venice room is…


  • There’s a king-sized bed
  • Big jacuzzi
  • A freaking gondola
  • KARAOKE with 2 microphones
  • Mini ref
  • Separate urinal
  • Complimentary condom and bottled water
  • Hygiene kit

They also have room service – VC Bites – and it’s amazing. Whatever shameless notoriety they earned for being in the business of indirectly advocating extramarital affairs (sorry for the stereotype), they make up for offering an incredible gastronomic experience. Does it really make up for it though? Anyway.

Case in point, we loved their menu, specially their Legendary Crispy Pata! 

Another thing I enjoyed very much with this room is the karaoke. Man they’ve got a really good sound system and two microphones as well!

I guess that’s about it. The jacuzzi was kinda hard to navigate but it’s a delight to watch the water pour out from the jars. The bathroom smelled funky, and I also noticed this with their other room – Princess Jasmine. I wish they had a bigger TV though! Overall we enjoyed our stay, it was a whole new experience for us and we promised we’ll be back.

Rates then? We paid ₱2,750 for three hours. Pretty steep for a short time! Haha

Victoria Court Pasig
(02) 8671-9782