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Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 3


But first, an update on what’s been fulfilled on my previous wishlist: Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 2

I think I got most of them already so yeyy. As you know, my wishlist is really more of a personal to-buy list hehe. So yeah, my wish list is my command lol hahaha. I got Stiles, new mugs, a diffuser, Corelle plates, and Tefal cookware. I’m also growing three kinds of Basil now and they’re all looking sad huhu. Still on the lookout for cute placemats though, but that can wait.

What’s next?

Hotel quality beddings in gray

Most hotel linen suppliers who’ve gone retail this quarantine only have white available, and I’d like to have the same quality sheets in gray! Any recos?

Messy Bessy Muscle Relief Rub

Still waiting for Messy Bessy to revive this crowd favorite. Hope they don’t reformulate using coconut oil cos I’m not a fan of coconut based topical products.

Instapot or any good quality multicooker

I kinda removed this from my previous wishlist but after seeing the Baumann Living Duo, I kinda want a multicooker again! Or not cos it’s gonna eat up a lot of space…

Wireless charging case for Apple Airpods 2

There’s just so much wires on my desk right now. I have 2 lightning cables (for my phone, tablet, and airpods), microUsb for my fan, DC for my diffuser, and 2 type C for my husband’s phone. Argh.

Fast wireless charger

I’m eyeing the Choetech fast wireless charger cos it can charge 2 devices simulataneously but that’s gonna wait til I get a good deal on a wireless charging case. 

Get monetized on Youtube
I have a long way to go but I’m working on it, unless Youtube makes policy changes that will make it harder for small youtubers like me to earn money. Lol

Yeah that’s it for now.