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Life lately and probably the scariest day of my life


Last week was pretty eventful. Early Thursday dawn I got rushed to the ER after collapsing. But earlier that day I was already having some weird allergy. Been itching and scratching all over. Rashes everywhere. It’s the first time I experienced this level of allergic reaction. Just look at this freakin map..
Oh wait, let me distract you with my favorite quarantine dessert first, so that this gets set as the default thumbnail instead of my freaking allergies hahaha
Alright now back to last week’s “high”light.
Wednesday afternoon I woke up with these…

I remember getting disturbed in my sleep because of itchiness, but I didn’t think it’d be this bad!

I pretty much ignored the annoying feeling for the most part of the day. I took an antihistamine too and just hoped for the best. But as the day progressed, it’s become more and more unbearable. After my shift at work I went ahead to rest. I tried to sleep, but grabe talaga yung kati! Around 1 in the morning I was so tired of my allergies and got out of bed to get a drink…
Then it happened. On the way to fetch water from the fridge, I somehow collapsed. Next thing I know I was lying on the floor motionless, my vision a blur, I could hear Jeckie calling my name repeatedly, but I couldn’t respond. In my head I was like, Lord help me. Lord help me. Lord help me please. I can see Jeckie’s faint silhouette within my peripheral.
I don’t want to die.
After a few seconds I slowly regained consciousness. Jeckie was panicked. I was feeling pissfull, charot lang. Naiihi ako hahaha. So he slowly guided me to the CR.
Then ayun nanaman.
I lost consciousness again while sitting on the toilet. When I got to my senses, napu-poops naman ako. Ano ba hahaha.
Ganun pala yung feeling. It felt like nothing but recalling the whole thing made me feel really afraid for myself. The gaps in my memory after collapsing, Jeckie filled in for me.
I passed out by the ref and fell on the hallway. Good thing I didn’t hit my head. The next episode, I just lost consciousness while on the toilet, my back bumping on the seat cover, which prompted my husband to check on me. So yon.
After a few moments of realizing what just happened and waiting for my blood to circulate better (I looked so pale daw, ), we went to The Medical City to get checked.
The triage was quick and I was attended to immediately. They injected some IV, meds, tested my blood, and ran a CT scan because of the fall. Also because Jeckie thought I had a seizure while unconscious. Everything came out normal. After almost 7 hours in the ER I was discharged. They couldn’t tell me what I’m allergic to, they said I have to consult an allergologist for that.
I have no idea what I could be allergic to! Last thing I took before waking up with rashes was Smooth Move Senna Peppermint tea. Something I regularly take naman, so I don’t know what gives. Our meal the night before was leftover bicol express and chicken tandoori. Mga paborito ko naman, also nothing new! 
Thank God it’s nothing serious. I’m supposed to consult to an allergologist pero ang hassle trying to look for one that’s Intellicare accredited and available this quarantine period. Tapos kukuha pa ko ng LOA haha. 
I tried to discover which of my tea bags is the culprit to while on medication tinatry ko yung mga tsaa ko. I only have 3 variants. Aside from the senna peppermint I also take Yogi Blueberry Green Tea and Caramel Apple Slice Slim Life. None of them gave me an allergic reaction. Hmm.
Wait ang sakit na ng ulo ko haha