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Heya! Here’s the latest Weekly Monotony on the channel. 🙂 I’ve been very religious in updating weekly, you know! So yeah, same old boring clips. Waking up late, cooking dinner, weekend errands. The usual. The normal. Hmm.

You know how other people started picking up new hobbies like gardening, baking, wood working, whatever? Vlogging, or mainly just making more Youtube content, has kindof become my quarantine outlet. Even though I’ve been doing it way before ECQ (start of the year actually). Damn, now I feel useless. Like what has quarantine taught me, really? Besides splurge on kitchenware and judge my neighbors’ sushi bakes?

I actually wanted to be more productive than that, like I want drawing, reading books, and even gardening to be my quarantine thing, but urgh, I just can’t find the motivation to pick up a pencil. And even now that I already have a new tablet to read e-books with, I suddenly find it too heavy?! And planting may seem so simple but I’m worried I’d just end up acquiring more clutter (aka gardening tools, pots, planters, that I won’t be able to maintain). Daming excuses no. So ayon, no new art, no new books, and a balcony still devoid of plants. I’m so lagging behind my GoodReads 2020 Reading Challenge too. Which is not new.

But anyway. I’m really here to expound on my weekly monotony video haha

Last week we ate mostly leftovers and stocked food items. We didn’t buy groceries because we’ve been constantly overstocking and overspending and it’s bad for the wallet. The take-out food we usually buy on weekends end up in the fridge for at least two more days so sobrang sayang if I keep on cooking. Also, for some reason I’m unable to cook just enough for two people. I always end up cooking a lot of ulam. Parang feeling ko ang onti ng 2 servings lang hahaha

Highlights of last week:

✱ Our sofa is back in!

We had it pulled out for repair a week back and it was done exactly seven days later. Earlier than expected! I liked the upholstery, I chose a light gray linen for it. But the repair, not so much. They had to add a leg in the middle to support the new wood plank they inserted, but it ended up kindof unbalanced, we had to insert a riser. Basta iba yung feel nya. I was expecting it to be sturdier but now we have to be even more careful with it. Hay. So much for 10k huhu. But so far so good. Hopefully it’ll last a couple more years before we can dispose it for maybe 5k, or even free lol.

IKEA Ektorp dupe no more.

✱ Dined in outside for the first time!

Gulo ba hahaha. For a while we were hesitant about dining in at restaurants ‘cos we didn’t want to be hassled by their rules. But well, di naman pala ganon ka-hassle. For the most part you just have to fill out a health declaration form and sanitize before picking a spot, but that’s the most arduous part. You’re allowed to take off your mask while eating naman and even share food with your company. It’s not like you’ll be isolated from each other while eating.

More and more restaurants are back to offering their tables to dine-in customers so we thought we’d try. Dined in for the first time this quarantine at Banana Leaf, and we enjoyed it! The next day we ate at Mesa.

Hassle din kasi mag-take out no daming itatapon tapos magbabalat ka pa ng takip hahaha. 

✱ My first Corelle and Tefal

Aaaaaaaah! My hearrrttt! I got these on a sale at Rustan’s. They’re like 20-30% off when I checked. Definitely not bad. 

✱ Am I a coffee addict?!

I think I unknowingly went on withdrawal last week. I usually make five cups of a coffee a day. But really it only amounts to two regular sized mugs hehe. Anyway, I decided not to drink coffee one day last week because I wanted to wake up early the next day.

The following day, I woke up with a splitting headache. I thought it was just my usual period migraine so I endured, later on taking mefenamic and trying to sleep it off. But heck it won’t go away. 

Two days later it’s still there so I got alarmed. I’m unable to sleep well, I didn’t enjoy my vacation leave, and I started throwing up everything I ate. I have no appetite and everything I swallow goes straight to the toilet in a matter of hours. Until I made myself coffee. 

I finished a cup and suddenly the pain is gone?! That’s when I realized I could be an addict. I deliberately tried to cut off my coffee intake that weekend so I could wake up early and get more daylight lol. So ito na ba yon. Withdrawal symptoms?! Ohnoes. 

Thank God it’s over. One of my friends thought I could be pregnant buti na lang meron ako hahaha so ekis agad ang pagbe-baby. Also, we practice safe sex so imposible rin wahaha. 

Yun lang naman for last week! I’m back to drinking coffee.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Keep sane!