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5 Baby gifts you’ll love from Lovingly Signed


Personalized baby items are the best as it adds sincerity and warmth to any gift. If you’re looking for baby items to give to one of your friends, or if you yourself is looking to getting cute baby items for your own little one, then you have to check out Lovingly Signed.

Lovingly Signed is a unique online shop that specializes in personalized baby gifts. Just wandering at their website will make you all warm and fuzzy. The clean layout, the color palette and easy navigation all work to make your stay on their online abode a welcoming one.

If you want to get ideas on the perfect items to get, read on!
Luxury Towelling Robe

Towel robes are a baby essential you’ll come to value more as time goes by. Unlike clothing items that can be outgrown so fast, robes may be used for more than a year. Have it embroidered with the baby’s name and let Lovingly Signed do all the work. They’ll package it in a luxurious box and get it delivered for free (Singapore only). Rest assured your package will arrive safe and sound right at your doorstep.
Knit Blanket

Blankets are yet another of those baby essentials you shouldn’t miss. And having it personalized with your cutie pie’s name is definitely a great touch. The high quality, 100% cotton knit blankets comes in different pastel colors like baby pink, powder blue, silver grey, and plain white. Your baby will definitely sleep soundly wrapped in this soft, cottony, warm, and fully breathable blanket.
Gift boxes

If you’re looking for something more exquisite, a luxury gift box containing a cute plush toy would make a wonderful gift. Lovingly Signed gift sets come in different themes. You can get a rabbit, unicorn, bear, or a piglet plush, along with either a bath set, towel set, blanket, or snuggle set. The cute packaging, and carefully curated items inside a the lovely box will surely elicit a gleeful squeal from your little one.
Personalized Toy Storage

Organizing your kid’s toys can be made of nightmares to a lot of parents. If you’ve got more than 1 kid around, it gets even messier and harder to deal with. A personalized toy hamper from Lovingly Signed will take care of your storage issues for you with style. With the toy baskets embroidered with your kid’s name, it would be easy to sort items. And because the baskets look super cute, they won’t be an eyesore to your home!
Baby Books

Aside from baby clothes, books are also nice items to give babies. Lovingly Signed offers cute and educational books that your children will surely love exploring. The books are adorably pretty, with elements your baby would love to play around with like furry tails, textured pages, and beautiful illustrations.
These are just some of the things you’ll love at Lovingly Signed. All of their products are made from the finest quality, and the packages are arranged beautifully. They offer free shipping for Singapore addresses and their products are also affordable. Do check them out and let me know what you think!
All photos are taken from Lovingly Signed website.