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3 Halloween costume ideas you’ll love

Halloween is just around the corner and you bet, everyone’s all about looking for the right costume. Aside from dressing up your home to look lit and up for the season with cute decor and tapestries (click here), you also want to dress the part and be strut the best costume in town. Here are 3 halloween costume ideas you’ll love!

Be a pretty witch

A witch costume is one of the most popular choices out there. It’s timeless and classic and overall speaks halloween on every angle. Get this dress from DRESSLILY if you want to look pretty and elegant with powerful spells to cast!

Be a superhero

Superheroes will never be out of tune when it comes to dressing up for halloween. Everybody’s got a favorite, so it’s just a matter who wears it best. Be creative when choosing your costume. Get your family’s participation in it, better yet, why not dress up to be a superhero family. Try The Incredibles, or Justice League!

Be a monster

Nope, not the real bad ones who cast evil vibes all over. Some people like to play it safe by looking pretty and glam this halloween, but some want to dress the part of being scary and be a monster on that special day. There are a lot of scary costumes you could consider. You can be either a zombie, a scary nun, or an alien ala predator. It takes a lot of effort to acquire realistic costume and prosthetic but it’s every worth the scream you’ll get once you start knocking on your neighbors doors!