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Is my birthday! Nothing much really, ate with family, played with friends. I can say my 5-day weekend was well spent eating, working out, and writing on the sides. I’m not so big on birthdays to be honest, what a sign of aging haha. I would usually close my Facebook wall for greetings and hide my birthday to anyone. For practical reasons. My wall is home to memes and posts I want to remind myself with and quite honestly birthday greetings are spammy at best hehe. They bury content I want easily found.
I know Facebook has a way to collect your greetings in one post but there will be still be a bunch who’d write directly on your wall. IDK. It’s additional work for the celebrant to, yknow… like each of the posts and maybe even reply HAHA. Not worth it for an introvert like me. Same goes for my FB messenger, it’s become a major mode of communication and I don’t want it flooded lol. Scrolling amidst a ton of happy birthdays is already quite a task for me. Whut. I’m perfectly fine with the few who recalled this day. The important thing is I got to celebrate with my closest friends and family. IKR.

Now let me share about my problems.

//Blogging problems!
What else. I’m feeling super sad right now ‘cos my DA dropped by 3 points. I’ve narrowed down 2 activities that may have caused this. And being that I’m not super versed with how domain authority rises and falls, here are my hunches:

1. 2 consecutive guest posts
2. Leaving my blog URL in comment exchanges

For the first one. I’m not so sure how a do-follow link affects the standing of my blog. All I know is that I’m earning from it so I must keep improving my DA. Next, comment exchanges are there for the purpose of artificially improving reader engagement. I sometimes feel bad participating in such initiatives ‘cos it looks desperate. The only good thing I earned from this is maybe learning about new blogs to follow. Other that that, I don’t know. I don’t even reply to the comments because I know it’s from a comment exchange and was written for the sake of commenting hehe (with the exception of the really curious ones). Well, I’m guilty too. I’m thinking my DA dropped because of how frequent I left backlinks on other people’s blogs this day. Could that be the reason? Alright, will not put my URL anymore lol.

//Money problems!
We’re 3 months behind paying our condo (the one we bought 2 years ago) and Security Bank called to inform us they’re taking legal action if we don’t call tomorrow. As if. But I’m basically stressing about it right now. This wasn’t a problem when it was BPI handling the auto-debit collection of our down payment. They’d just add a ₱200 penalty for every month we miss and that’s it. LOL

6 months ago, Avida Asten management changed their collector from BPI to Security Bank and we were informed about it through mail. But then they stopped collecting for 5 months so the money was accumulated in the bank. Back then, we were in the middle of pooling funds for our wedding so we kinda used most of our condo funds to pay our suppliers! Now it’s payback time! HUHU. I want to blame Avida and Security Bank partly for this. If they debited on time we wouldn’t be tempted to touch the money intended for them. LOL.

But really, it’s our fault for pushing for a wedding we can’t afford. Did you know we’re over a hundred thousand in debt after the wedding? Yep, even with the hundred thousands we received in gifts. And I’m all about paying them completely before the year ends. Blog, don’t jinx. I just don’t want to deal with the stress of paying ASAP because my face is already ageing exponentially with all the extra work I’m doing right now.

//Work… problems?
I don’t know if I have a problem at work. I shall know tomorrow because my manager called for a catch-up meeting. Allow me to be paranoid, there were times I think I’m being extremely underutilized because work’s kinda lax recently. And being the super introverted person that I am, I’m not pabibo enough to ask for work. In fact I enjoy being chill. It gives me time to read. I just do what I’m told specially if there’s a deadline. Which sucks, I know. So I had a, uhm, a what-if scenario. What if because of my low performance they reduce my status to a contractual employee and that my term will end in 6 months? I was mentally crying at the thought but at the same time preparing myself for it.

Pros: I can finally try working freelance for real and see if I have any chance at it at all. I can ask for more articles to write, maybe even apply for a full time position. Also, if my current company fires me I should be getting some kind of severance pay right? So yep, that’s money to live off for maybe a month, while I’m out (or in) looking for a new job.

Cons: I will be constantly stressed looking for a new job. I’ll be bugged by our bills. I’ll probably lose weight. I’ll lose my iPhone and my only source of internet connection.

So. Yeah, I’m 27 by the way!

Alright, back to writing about fish tanks… which is my 102nd (is there a limit to adding nds and ths?) article. Grrr I totally forgot to celebrate my 100th article with this client who’s been underpaying me for 6 months now, charot hahaha. I was supposed to make a celebratory post for it, but in my eagerness to earn money I haven’t stopped writing and now I’m on article #102 and it’s an odd number to celebrate to, ironically haha. Anyway. You’ll hear about this next time.

For now, sleep.