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This day sucks.
  • I woke up early ‘cos I have a meeting at 9pm, turns out it was cancelled.
  • I gained weight
  • I was waiting for a call from a prospective employer, but it didn’t come. Now I’m not sure if I’m getting a job. And I already resigned you know.
  • Then I hit a car parked outside our house ‘cos it was sticking too close to our driveway.
  • I missed getting my coffee fix at McDonald’s ‘cos I was in a rush to get to the office, good thing the drive thru was closed. One of the good things, yeah, but still. NO COFFEE.

Argh. Then there’s work.

Today sucked, clearly. But what sucks more is how I reacted to all these negative things. I was such in a bad mood from hitting a car I was in a rage while driving to the office. I cursed at the slow cars along the way, the freakin jeepneys without headlights, the cars parked at frkn street corners, the tricycles, the people not walking on the sidewalk, crossing along Commonwealth. I could’ve killed a family and not feel a drop of guilt. I know, I’m awful.

But I still thank God.

  • That my parents weren’t mad at me for hitting their client’s car. Have I mentioned they’re a guest at our house? T___T
  • That I arrived at the office safely
  • That I still have instant coffee with me, not iced but it’s fine
  • That my dad is very understanding of my driving flaws and never scolded me for my lapses
  • That I’m alive

Hope you’re doing good. 🙂

Also today at Magic 89.9, Boys Night Out – they were talking about instances where you unfollowed, blocked, unfriended someone over social media, and why.

A caller mentioned unfollowing these social media darlings after they became born-again Christians ‘cos they suddenly became judgmental and seemingly self-righteous.

I think I know who they’re talking about. Being judgmental and self-righteous is a different story but I just want to react to the sudden change. Becoming a Christian is a complete transformation and it’s not at all gradual. It’s a 180 degree turn from your old self. It’s going cold turkey to sinfulness so yes, it’s abrupt, shocking, surprising, totally uncharacteristic to the point of seeming like a hypocrite.

And that’s the burden we all share.