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Chili’s now open at Robinson’s Galleria

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Chili’s! I was meaning to put it under Food Phase Fridays ‘cos there was a time I got sooo addicted to it. I would crave for their classic nachos and Chili’s rice, and Jeckie and I would eat at Fairview Terraces every two weeks. The manager there even gave us free buffalo wings ‘cos sobrang familiar na ata kami hahaha. Well, that was before when we could still afford it haha.

Just recently though, we were given passes to Chili’s soft opening at Robinson’s Galleria so we were really stoked about it. So even though it was scheduled on a weekday lunch and that I’m most probably still asleep, Chili’s is Chili’s so I gotta make time right?


It’s been a long long time since we last ate at Chili’s so that day was such a huge throwback. We were given play money to spend and a survey form to fill out before we leave. Cool!

Then we ordered the usual. Classic Nachos for appetizer, Beef Salpicao for me and Monterey Chicken for Jeckie.

Classic Nachos
They have the most delicious and unique nachos!
Beef Salpicao

I super love Chili’s Rice. My love affair with Chili’s actually started with their rice. I keep coming back for it.

Monterey Chicken

Another one of my favorites, but I’d choose anything with Chili’s rice talaga haha

Also, new found favorite: Dalandan Mist! 
If you ever find yourself in Galleria, don’t forget to drop by Chilli’s for a hearty meal! 🙂
Chili’s is located at Level 2, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas, Quezon City