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Long time no Life Lately so here’s a long one!

❱ Reading

Still not finished with Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella, I’m way past the climax and I can’t even read through ’til the end. What’s wrong with meeee… I don’t think I’m ever gonna finish a book this year. 🙁

On another note, I received an email from Joy of Satan Ministries (whuuuut) via my blog’s contact form and I’m kindof looking into the links they gave me. For the love of God I’m alarmed at how they found my blog and even considered sending me reading materials exposing the faith I subscribe to. As a curious Christian, I don’t mind reading about other faiths, so I’m onto those links no matter how dark and occult they sound.

❱ Watching

Goblin is doooooone, OTK. This series gave me the most intense roller coaster of emotions I’ve ever had in my entire KDrama watching life. I’d be laughing like a madman then bawling in grief in a snap. Arguably the best KDrama of 2016. It’s made of all the right triggers, unleashing the lunatic in me.

Everything is so cinematic, the music is well-thought of, the lines were written excellently, the songs hit straight to the heart, and of course the cast is daebaaaaak. I will miss this series so much! Congrats to everyone who worked on Dokkaebi! Kamsahamnidaaaaa (감사합니다). Ah yes, a syllabic word and its Hangul counterpart, how could I forget to mention it means Thank You,

Legend of the Blue Sea I didn’t finish because Goblin took all of me, might resume sometime.

Jealousy Incarnate, totally forgotten! But whenever I resume I feel oddly glued, until it’s time to prepare for work. Argh.

Source: kdramasanonymous.wordpress.com

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
 I finished in two days ‘cos it’s super swaaaaaaag. Light, fun, and with an adorable mix of characters. Both of the leads have grown so much as actors and I feel so happy watching them in the spotlight at last. Both Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk were in Cheese in the Trap, who would’ve thought they’d make a great pair! I’ve watched LSK in Doctors too and her character was so different there. NJH – I didn’t really expect him to land a lead this soon ‘cos there’s nothing too stellar about his role in CITT and Scarlet Heart but maaaan he’s quite a revelation this time!

I’m saddened by the fact it did poorly in ratings though because it went against Legend of the Blue Sea’s timeslot. I mean, guyyyssss did you even watch?! Legend has a freaking lot of boring segments and while we have Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun in it, WFKBJ is still tons better than LOTBS! I even left it for Goblin (understandably so ‘cos that drama is just on a different level altogether lol).

Hay, reminds me of how Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fared badly in national ratings because Love in the Moonlight trumped it so hard. LITM is good, but SHR really had a better story, and a more engaging love triangle… square? pentagon? Such a fine reverse harem they got there.

There goes the stark contrast between local and international preference.

Right now I just started with Hwarang, bored by the first episode, but thankful that the plot is starting to pick up on the following eps.

❱ Listening
I don’t have a specific playlist right now but whenever I need to focus I listen to AC/DC.

❱ Thinking

About which P/V (photographer/videographer) to get for our wedding. Initially we didn’t have a budget for it ‘cos we had no idea how much it would cost. Until one of my friends from college gave us a quote of his services and we thought it’s reasonable so we kept him on the list, and took note of his rates as our budget. But now, after looking at numerous suppliers we realized our budget is actually too tight! If we had a bigger budget I’ll get Sidedish Project because I love their color grading haha.

❱ Smelling

My smelly jacket

❱ Wishing

We had unli wedding funds haha. Now, what if we were given half a million to spend for our wedding?

We’d be able to invite 200 guests then, so Don Jose Heights Clubhouse will be tight. Will change venue to Oasis Pavilion or Elements at Centris. Get KbyC for catering. Get Veluz or Rosa Clara for my bridal gown, Book Sidedish Project for PV, Amelia Blossoms for flowers, Cruella & Co for the entourage gowns, Unit 406 for the band, EDSA Shang suites for preps, and Team OSS for the photobooth. I haven’t covered everything but those are my top of mind dream suppliers.

Now that I’m imagining it, a 500k wedding is too bongga for me, so nope. An event that big without me overseeing it hands-on makes me too worried! Will just keep it simple and save the rest for a bonggang honeymoon instead! <3

It’s crazy how I really didn’t have any supplier preference until I started looking and reading about them haha. Now I realize how big the wedding market is. A single bride-to-be would probably google a hundred times about it, looking for pegs, suppliers, venues, reviews, etc. What a great opportunity to improve SEO ranking, though of course, competition is hella tight already so I’ll just keep writing and do my best containing my wedding blabber in a tag haha.

❱ Wearing

Hoodie, shirt, pants, and sandals.

❱ Loving

My new camera! I bought a Sony a5000 two weeks ago and I got busy exploring it while we were at Singapore last last weekend. I was hunting down the Fuji x70 originally, but I learned that it’s been discontinued and the remaining stocks here cost too damn much.

It’s a good thing I saw Sony a5000 though ‘cos it’s a cheaper alternative sporting everything I love about the x70 (compact, mirrorless, and with a flip-up screen). Excited to learn more about photography tuloy lol. During our SG trip I went ahead and shot everything in manual mode, randomly adjusting ISO. shutter speed, and aperture, whatever those are. For the most part I was just looking to get the right exposure for my shots, beats me why I have to adjust so many terms.

Must. learn. more!

Thankfully Sony offers free digital photography workshops to their customers, you just have to sign up here. They have regular schedules at SM Megamall, Glorietta, Filinvest Alabang, and Ayala Cebu. 😀

❱ Wanting

To post a Singapore Photo Diary series but I’m too lazy to work on it lol. Hopefully this week!

❱ Needing

To sell a couple of things but I’m too tamad to post them online arg. Anybody interested in a Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam? It’s a crazy good webcam, I’m selling mine for 3,500. Brand new condition. Opened for testing only. Bought from Amazon US, shipped via Uskoop. Perfect for vloggers. RFS: of course I need money and I just bought a new camera so I won’t have any use for it. 😀


No sense of urgency for this script I’m working on due two days later. It’s hard and I’m in quite a slump, makes me want to forget and abandon it entirely, kindof what I’m doing right now by procrastinating on it, but course it won’t last long. Will have to deal with this eventually! Haaaay.

Hope you’re doing great! 😀 The company gave us tikoys last week along with our Chinese horoscope for the year and mine sounds pretty good. Love, wealth, and career look promising. It even mentioned it’s a good time to get married this year lol. My health forecast reads accurately too, beware of injuries from metal objects and exercise regularly. At the rate of my physical activity the only chance I’m getting injured from a metal object is from falling off my brass bed. Regular exercise, yep, that has always been in my annual horoscope, I mean new year’s resolution.