A very personal blog



… I noticed how enthusiastic my sister was when we talked about this business we want to put up together. She’ll make the products, and I’ll take care of branding and marketing. She was so eager. I was so excited. I wanted to make this work because I’ve never seen her this confident in something.

She would always rant about how being a financial adviser saps all her optimism away. I knew it wasn’t for her, but my parents needed someone, one of us, to kind of inherit the business. That or they were just giving her a chance to discover what suits her best. I don’t think my sister is happy though.

… I checked a couple of my drafts, and added some more details into them. Somehow I couldn’t get myself to publish them even though it’s more or less complete. Maybe it’s my confidence about them that’s hindering me from sharing. Hm.

… My diet is surprisingly working for me. It’s been 2 months and I lost around 10 lbs already. Pretty slow, I know. But 1 lb per week is good enough. The goal is to reach 141, which was my weight before I went to the US, then take it easy until 120.

In fairness, I’ve noticed my portions are getting smaller and I get full easier too. I want to be able to hold on when I take out all my slimming aids (pills and tea). I remember getting some kind of withdrawal when I finished my bottle of Herbalife Total Control. It’s not available in the Philippines so I got worried. Then I recalled I still have a bottle of Hydroxycut hiding somewhere. I’m using that right now. Hehe.

… I’m praying that my US Visa application won’t be denied. I’m scheduled for interview next week and even though I’m less scared compared to my first time applying, I’m still scared nonetheless. There are just so many red flags with my application. Hay Lord. I wasn’t really excited at first, but when I got my interview packet I saw that my dummy booking has a layover at KOREA. WAAAAAAHH!!! As if naman makakalabas ako ng airport no pero juskolooooord KOREAAAAA!

… I’m watching a new KDrama series. It’s called “On the way to the airport” and it promotes infidelity in marriage. Err not exactly cos I see the characters are struggling naman haha but gosh the chemistry is just so over the top. I’m questioning my morals right now. Is it even an excuse that both of them are seemingly married to the wrong people? I don’t want to think of marriage as something disposable but the dilemma posed in this series is as real as it gets. It’s scaring me that a lot would find this relatable.

… I’m taking the regular shift right now. Yey? I was supposed to work midshift but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come early instead. We have a midnight test (that’s noon here) so that means no sleep for me cos I just came from the nightshift. On the other hand that means I’m getting more sleep later cos I’m already antok na now na aaarg.

… I want a full body massage.

How are you doing?