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Kick-start your Freelancing Career: Learn how to become a VApreneur

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If you’re always wondering about how online freelancing works, here’s the right venue to learn about it!

This October 22, 2016, join us in a day of learning and discovery by attending #VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop. This event aims to help aspiring and existing virtual assistants to develop their business, identify their core skills, meet more clients, and charge competitively for their services.

What is a virtual assistant and what does it have to do with freelancing? 

A virtual assistant or a VA is a person who provides services to a client remotely from home, may it be technical, creative, or administrative, it depends on what skills the VA has to offer. That said, VAs are freelancers too, offering services online and remotely to clients that are mostly overseas.

VA vs. VApreneur: the difference

The term VApreneur is a play between VA and entrepreneur, and was coined by Ms. Rochefel Rivera, one of the organizers and speakers of the event.

As a VA, you work as an independent contractor, providing services to your client, and is being paid a fixed rate or an hourly rate, depends on what is agreed upon. A VApreneur is more than that, your mindset is not just confined to a remote employee but a business owner, a service provider offering intangible products of high value to the clients. This shift from employee to entrepreneur mentality is what sets them apart, and is going to be tackled further during the event.

A lot of freelancers pride themselves as being their own bosses, but behind their desks they’re slaves to their clients, overworked and underpaid. It’s time to put more value to your work and package your services in a competitive manner, making your client see you as a partner and not just a cheaper alternative to a regular employee.

#VApreneur: One Day To FREEdom! Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to transition from employee to VApreneur
  2. How to capitalize on your passion and existing skills while using the business model suited for your lifestyle
  3. Possible opportunities behind online entrepreneurship
  4. How to find clients that pay and appreciate the value of your work
  5. How to take advantage of technology and build your dream business from home

When: October 22, 2016 9:00AM
Where: Bluefin Grill, GF, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Ugong, Pasig City
Ticket prices (snacks and lunch included)

  • Early bird rate until October 8: ₱888
  • Regular rate: ₱1,498
  • BFF rate: Learn with your BFF and get the 2nd ticket 50% off – ₱1,332
  • Gang rate: Gather a group of 4 and your pass is FREE – ₱2,664

For more information and ticket payments, head over to: