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Get well soon daddy <3

My dad was confined last Friday due to pneumonia so I skipped work and stayed at the hospital to accompany him. Right now he’s doing better so yey thank you Lord! I actually like being in the hospital with him because there’s aircon, cabled TV, and lots of food options outside hahaha. I’ve been eating unconsciously this weekend. Oh no.

I was actually teasing my dad cos his condition isn’t really that grave. He said the ER doctors interviewed him round after round trying to justify his request for confinement, but eventually admitted him after a doctor’s recommendation haha.

I don’t know what kind of condition you need to have to be admitted into a room but my dad definitely isn’t getting better at home. I blame stress at work cos instead of getting a full rest, he’s running out and about on errands and facing the computer more than his pillow. We thought a vacation in the province would help him but everybody’s too busy to plan an outing. The most convenient and cheapest option would be to stay at the hospital. It’s nowhere near feeling the sea breeze and eating healthy foods but it works just the same.

Tinker Tales

Tinker Tales is an exhibit organized by Ang Ink as part of their 25th year celebration. I thought it was free so I dragged Jeckie with me and went to Makati so see it. Apparently it’s not free. It comes with a ₱150 entrance free and honestly, I didn’t think it’s worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the artworks are impressive, I had fun looking at the them, I was inspired. But I still couldn’t get over how it’s worth 150 haha sorinaman. It was merely a gallery,  I didn’t think there was actually a theme behind the illustrations as a whole. It’s not a collection. I think they were just compiled and hanged in frames, and to tie it together they asked kids to invent stories out of it, hence the tales. I need more concept, it’s in a frkn museum for goodness sake but I didn’t learn anything.

I think what fueled my frustration and panghihinayang with the event is the fact that it was so hard for us to go home. It was Saturday and we were coming from the north so we parked the car at Trinoma and rode the P2P bus to Glorietta 5 to save time, money, and fuel. I love the P2P bus, it only costs ₱25 during weekends! Anyway, going there was okay cos when we got to the terminal, the bus just arrived. But on the way home, we had to wait for over an hour for the bus to get to G5. Huhu it was very exhausting. I should’ve added more things to our Makati agenda para di ako nasayangan ng ganito lol

Backyard Food Park

I’m not a fan of food parks, seating is usually a pain, it’s mostly too crowded, it causes traffic, and most stalls are expensive. But yesterday since Terai and I were curious, we ate there for dinner. In fairness, it has a wide range of food choices: there’s burgers, pizza, pasta, shakes, mexican, seafood, and booze. Great!

 We decided to eat at the mexican food stall and ordered a burrito. It tasted good but the sauces (sour cream and salsa) are way too salty. Plus it took so long to get to us.
Seating was annoying though, look at these chairs and tables standing on gravel. It’s so hard to sit when your chair is digging into a pile of stones. In fair, some of the areas are paved, I only have a problem with these graveled areas lol. It rained hard last night too so we didn’t fully enjoy our stay. A lot of groups were smoking and drinking too. Not the type of place I would dine into.
Overall I think it serves the purpose of providing more variety in the area. Ayoko lang talaga ng traffic and mega double parking yung mga cars. And when it rains, ang hassle sobra. Reminds me of LB Square in Los Banos haha.
Not coming back though unless I’m craving for burrito. 😛 

Llao Llao

It’s been a while since I had frozen yogurt, I think it’s because most of them are gone now. Tutti Frutti, Frutti Froyo, White Hat — I can’t seem to find them anymore. Which is why I was excited to find Llao Llao at Glorietta. It was packed with people so I just had to try it.

It was very damn worth it. It’s pretty pricey so I just got the smallest cup with crushed Lotus Biscoff as toppings. It was heavennnn! I missed froyos! Wish there was a nearer branch. 🙁

I have a feeling froyos are getting a comeback and they’re gunning for the fad food route, covered in scientific achuchuchu with cups that are actually racked up in unhealthy calories. Skip the toppings, is all.