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Surviving Mondays

Why are Mondays exceptionally hard for me? Two words: night shift. If we both work on the graveyard you’ll know how this feels. Right now I’m close to sticking toothpicks in my eyes to hold them open, all while struggling to validate the tons of scripts I have to work on for a test on Wednesday. I really need to get working. I wish I were facing a case of laziness instead but sleepiness and tiredness is something you can’t coach your mind into overcoming, not when the body isn’t cooperating.

So what gives? I don’t know. I’m actually excited for something, though it doesn’t reflect on my half lidded soul. I’m excited for the eight episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo, because there goes my chance to worship the Goryeo princes’ perfect jawlines once again. I’m talking about you, Wook and So, and occassionaly Jung. <3

But anyway. I need to redo my body clock. I need to force myself to sleep everyday before the sun rises so I could still fool my body into thinking it’s nighttime and go to sleep mode. But can I really do that.

Minnesota Part 2?

My manager has requested to process my US travel documents (ie. visa) last week, so now I’m filling out the application form again. For some reason though, this doesn’t excite me. I’m like 90% sure I’m gonna get denied cos I just came back last March and is now up for another three month itinerary, that sure as hell is a red flag to the embassy. I’m starting to hate how the company deals with sending employees overseas. It shouldn’t be a problem but they’re making it hard for us just so they could save money (who knows, never got any top management insight about this fishy thing). K, let’s not poke into details.

Speaking of the US. I think I lied when I said I wasn’t excited, I kindof am, just think of Amazon, and IKEA, and Nickolodeon Universe! Gaaahd I suddenly miss Minnesota and its perfect highways. But if I’m only gonna stay for a short while, I don’t think it’ll be worth it. I won’t be able to save anything unless I stay longer lol. But oh well, in God’s will. What I’m saying is, I’m mostly negative. Monday na Monday negative? It’s called setting expectations (while secretly hoping for the best) lol.

Please pray for me!