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Earlier this week I chanced upon a trailer of The Choice on TV and wondered if it’s based on the book by Nicholas Sparks (the one that had me bawling all over Jollibee). Turns out it is, so I’m super excited! I may not be able to watch it when it starts showing here though, cos seriously, who’s up for some mushy and tragic love story on a February… with me?! If I was back home I could easily drag my sister to this but naaah. Nevermind. Will just download it later on.
Anywaaay, since I’ve already read The Choice, I decided to read other books by Nicholas Sparks. He’s known for writing really good page turning, tear jerking, love stories. And I happen to be a fan of all the sad feelings he wants to relay from his books. I love romance. I love tragic. Together they make me really weak.
If it’s not too obvious yet which book I read (hint: photo), it’s A Walk to Remember, okay? 😀
I gave it 4 stars over at Good Reads cos I love how easy it is to read, how it was written in a point of view of an older man, and how naturally the love story developed. Sure they were both too young. At 17, you’d expect boys and girls to be dead smitten in an instant but their story is different. It didn’t “just” happen, and I like that haha.

I also love how the book revealed why the title is that way. When I realized that the walk to remember was actually Jamie’s struggle of walking down the aisle on the day of her marriage while her body is giving up on her, I just cried.

“It was, I remembered thinking, the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make.
In every way, a walk to remember.”

I’d put this a notch under The Choice cos it’s still my favorite Sparks to date but come on, I’ve only read two so far haha, who knows.

By the way, here’s the trailer to The Choice

Gabby is being played by Teresa Palmer! Yeah! The one who looks like Kristen Stewart, and who starred at Warm Bodies, and who thankfully has a lot more emotions to show and is an overall better actress than her kalokalike haha. Good grief!

Travis will be played by Benjamin Walker, I’ve never really heard of him, they look super good together though!

Oh, this trailer made me cry. arg.