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The obligatory new year post (too late)

I usually ramble a lot when it comes to year-ender (or starter) posts but for a change I’d like to be brief with this one so let’s not change that.

The reason this post took so long to be published despite having the text ready for over a week already is this:

i even filtered it wrong

I wanted to draw something for this post but I can’t finish it cos I’m too lazy so I’m leaving you with my drafts. I had 3 but I didn’t want to tear off the other one just for a pic lol

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Here’s a super short clip I created to commemorate the new year! Shot it right outside the cafeteria at the office and edited it using Kine Master Pro. LOVE THE APP!

2015 was a good year for me, especially where my career is concerned. God has been truly gracious and I couldn’t thank him enough!

So here’s what (was):

I got my first official art commission (also the second children’s book I illustrated). Read about it here!

Then I got my second, this time a layout job!

yes. kaya nyo yan

I got invited to become a speaker whuuuut. Possibly because the student affairs director (who is also my friend haha) couldn’t find anyone else lol but heyyy I was in a poster with VPs and CEOs and that felt grand haha.This was the mooooost nerve wracking day of my entire year. I can’t even focus on the spread of dishes they served us speakers. If you know me, that’s weird.

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I enrolled in a multimedia arts class and learned Illustrator and InDesign!

with my new teammates

I officially quit being a developer. I mentioned during our career planning chuchu that I wanted to try software testing for a change (but really, it’s because I felt inadequate as a developer haha). Turns out they’re forming a team of performance testers that time so I was signed up for a short training and got selected (well, more of endorsed) to be part of that group. A month after I moved to my new team, I was informed of a possibility to be sent onsite, then the next two months were spent furnishing deployment requirements: US Visa, clearances, permits, etc. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT.

hovering over LA, on the way to MN!

Finally, I was sent off. Holey moley. I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing me with such a career milestone. It’s a big deal you know, to be sent to the US. That’s gonna be freaking sparkly on my resume haha. And then,

let’s pretend these snow covered steps symbolize my promotion lol

I got promoted, what the heck! It was a month after I flew to the US, so I was freakin ecstatic. Here’s when I started to literally cry to God. I wasn’t expecting to be promoted at all being that I’m only a few months old on my new track and have done nothing worthy of a raise as far as my dead developer self is concerned. On the contrary though, turns out I was promoted on account of my grade C dev efforts haha. So that means I’m just being paranoid thinking I suck as a programmer. The perils of lack of feedback, or lack of initiative to get feedback lol. Then again, if I hadn’t changed tracks, I wouldn’t be here. So yeah! I’m still basically reeling at all of this so forgive me for babbling too much!

one of our last pictures together

Off the career track, Jeckie and I turned 4 this year! I admit, I’ve been confused a couple of times, wanting to break up twice, but somehow we manage to keep it together. To be honest, the struggle continues to this point, and sometimes I think there’s only so much a compromise can do to continue binding two people together. But I’m not losing hope, we’re not losing hope. I’ve been blessed so much this year and I didn’t want this to become the trade-off. Ajaaa!!!

I could be missing other eventful things but those were the moments that really stuck out for me, so yeah. Thank you Loooord <3

2015 came by so fast, and most of the time I felt like I was trying to keep up with the days instead of walking leisurely alongside them. This year I want to focus more on what’s happening, spend more time with myself and just be! I also used to believe this blog jinxes my plans, this year I want to kill that off.
Hoping for a great year ahead of us all! 😀