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Roll your way to P1M worth of prizes, play Just Roll It now!


Conquer the world with Just Roll It and play for Php1M worth of prizes!

There’s a new and exciting PC game that’s making rounds all over the interwebs! If you love playing Monopoly but is too lazy to lay open the board and drag players with you, then get over your frustration and download Just Roll It — an online monopoly board game that lets you conquer the world (literally), and gives you a chance to win REAL cash by winning!

Getting started:

Step 1: Download and install

Get the game by going to www.justrollit.ph and clicking on the Download button.
Note that there are system requirements and that the game installer is around 200MB big!

Step 2: Register and start playing

After downloading, install the game and start playing for free! If you aren’t a member yet, you will be prompted to register (totally FREE!) but after that, everything will be a breeze! Key in your nominated username and password and you’ll be led to the game’s user interface where you can view the game guide and finally start playing.

I was overwhelmed when I first saw the dashboard, for a first time player it sure needs some getting used to. XD

How to play:

If you’re familiar with Monopoly, you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the rules. But basically, your goal is to emerge the richest by the end of the game, by buying real estate and charging players when they land on your property, forcing them to go bankrupt! As a newbie, I had to go through 7 bankruptcies before I earned my first win! YAS! Experience is a great teacher haha

1. Select a character

You can select a character by opening My Info on your profile panel – upper right of the window, then click on My Character. You can check out the characters’ profile and ranking by viewing their cards. You can also equip them with accessories or enhance their stats 🙂

2. Join a game room

A maximum of 4 players are allowed per game. You can join a room or you can create your own room and invite players in. When you create a room, a list of online players will be available for you to invite. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for their acceptance! You can play solo or by team (2 on 2). For starters, there’s a Quick Start panel at the upper part of the game window that lets you join game rooms automatically. 😀

Once another player is ready, you can start the game at once. Or you can wait for all 4 slots to be filled before starting. 😀

3. Select a map

Choose whether you’d like to play on a World Map or a Space Map. Pretty much like a theme. The World Map has blocks filled with countries and landmarks and the Space Map is filled with planets, constellations, and other heavenly bodies. Up to you where you want to build your empire! 😀

Here’s how the Space Map looks like:

And here’s how the World Map is:

Find Boracay!

Their take on themes really brings the game experience to the next level, it seriously isn’t your usual Monopoly game. It’s equipped with all sorts of entertaining elements that will surely have you glued to your screen 😉 I, for one love the fact that you can manipulate dice rolls (TIP: When it’s your turn, press and hold on the ‘Roll’ button to control the dice) to increase your chances of winning! 😀

4. Let the game begin! 

The game starts by each of the players selecting a fortunecard which will determine the order of your turn, after which you’ll take turns rolling 2 dice. Your character will advance across the board depending on the number of blocks shown on the dice. Getting the same number on each dice allows you to roll again! 😀

You have an option to buy real estate when you land on a property. As you earn, you can build other establishments on it like a villa, a building, a hotel, or a landmark (on the Space Map, you can add a probe, a laboratory, a colony, etc).. whatever you can afford. You earn when you collect rent from other players when they land on one of your properties. Likewise, you lose money when you land on your opponents’ properties. Very much like in real life isn’t it? 😀 No wonder this game is perfect for learning business strategy.

But of course, the goal is to monopolize the game so if you’re rich enough, after paying rent you can take over the entire city or planet by acquiring it at double the cost! It’s true what they say that a game of monopoly provides an effective Business 101 course, or in this case.. a game of JustRollIt!

Winning the game means emerging the richest after exhausting your turns in rolling the dice, or after successfully making your opponents declare bankruptcy.

Oraaaayt! My first win!

Aside from those, there are also what we call special winning conditions:

  • Line Victory – is when a player acquires all properties on one side of the board. That’s like owning a fourth of the world okay (or the universe)!
  • Tourism Victory – is when a player owns 6 tourist spots (4 islands, 2 beaches)!
  • Triple Victory – is when a player owns 3 monopolies of different colors! 😀

Oraaaayt! But that’s not all, every time you win you’re entitled a lucky ticket to their raffle promos! You can win P1,000 daily from the monthly pool prize, and you can also qualify to join their weekly and monthly raffle to win part of the total pool prize of P1,000,000 pesos! Oh great, not only are you going offline with bragging rights, you could also sign out with real cash!

Watch this video to learn more about how you can Be Rich! Just Roll It!

There you go, head over to www.justrollit.ph, click that download link and see you in the game room! Spot me, I’m YanB! 😀