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// Project Pie for the third time
And this time, we bought our parents along and they loved it! My parents are usually very choosy about what they eat so we made sure to put as much green stuff on our pizzas to please them. HAHA we didn’t mind anyway cos they’re mostly herbs and not actual veggies hehe. Ang mahalaga, green! HAHA Anyway, we all loooove herbs. <3

Next time, I’ll make sure to drizzle in a gay amount of feta and blue cheese! I was cautious not to put those cos they might stink and taste weird but holy moley they’re super tasty! Brings the pizza to the next level! Kamown!

This could probably become one of my go-to restaurants… next to Chili’s of course! HAHAHA I may actually be passing over the Chili’s phase so yeyy (or not).

// Shingeki no Kyojin
I downloaded some 18GB worth of HD, dual-audio version of the series so my boyfriend could watch it BUT STILL NO. huhu No one to flail about the series.

// Work it like Miley
Err…my tasks are becoming more interesting! I’m learning a lot and there are days I get excited to go to the office to continue scripting. Oh, if you know me, that’s freakin RARE! If only my mind could learn faster! Ay I shouldn’t have said this no? Baka mabati ung excitement ko. lol

//Bye Sony BSP10 T___T
The bluetooth speaker that’s on top of my Lazada to-buy list got out of stock this week. It was devastating cos I didn’t want anything else, that’s like the only bluetooth speaker I want to buy. Huhu. Makes me want to question why I’m holding off on seemingly impulsive buys (I could’ve borrowed money from my emergency funds and paid later). Now it’s gone! May mga bagay talaga no? Wala lang.

Wearing glasses sucks. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. It makes my head hurt. It’s a load of trouble when it gets smudged, I can’t seem to wipe it squeaky clean with the cleaning cloth that came with it. I don’t even know which side to use lol.

//Missing out on Sunday Currentlies
I’m not being too diligent with it. I don’t know why. Maybe because my Sundays are becoming busier too! I wanted to blog about a lot of things already but realizing the amount of effort I had to exert kindof makes me lazy. Grabe, super bad work management skills no. haha

Haha waleyyy. For the past month my attendance at Aero Sport was pretty impressive! Like it’s actually becoming a regular thing! This morning’s sessions was extra hard though, there was a new instructor, a 16 year old twerker who danced pabebe-ly to Twerk it Like Miley and gaaaahd knows what other popular songs those were. It was hell challenging and extremely funny too, you know our crowd.. we’re all titas and lolas and mommies who couldn’t twerk sensually even if our lives depended on it. stress! But tbh, I enjoyed it! Graduate na kami sa left right left right single single double double, we’re doing lots of kembot na! HAHA

Join us maybe? I’m attending Aero Sport 😀

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Yeah! that’s all! There are 3 holidays this month (19,21,31)! Oraaaayt! Rock ‘n roll to the world!