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Million People March @ Ayala


rant ahead.

i understand the cause and i understand the honest sentiments of the people behind this yet another million people march. i agree that the pork barrel issue must remain on top of the headlines for as long as those bastarded senators, congressmen, etc. are punished accordingly. i believe that as tax paying citizens we are obliged to be vigilant of what happens to our money. i empathize with those who take all the time and effort to keep the people’s anger alive. i agree that it’s important that this issue never die, and i believe that only we can do that. as a democratic country, this kind of outrage is not to be ignored by the government. and that’s what we want, for the government to not easily dismiss the issue, and for this issue to be strong enough to withstand any politically motivated distraction.

BUT *here we go* this ayala MTM brought a lot of hassle to many of us commuters who just want to go home and rest on a friday night. thankfully i wasn’t affected by the traffic since i arrived at the office before 10. i noticed the bus was also pretty fast this morning, considering maybe that it was trying to beat the scheduled road blocks at ayala. hehe. anyway, here are some of the inconveniences i faced tonight because of this million people march

// road blocks = traffic
on the way home, i usually walk to MRT so i didn’t care if no buses or jeepneys passed by ayala. but that’s just me! how about those who take the bus everyday? hm. well they could walk where the buses take a detour right? they could also just take the MRT or walk all the way to edsa and hail a bus there. yes they could. no problem. but haaaaay.

// concert
i only heard of this rally today so i thought ayala will be closed only for the duration of the rally. i didn’t know there was a concert. fine, a concert is fun. but to hold it in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET? as in at the intersection of paseo and ayala ON A FRIDAY?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! i wonder if the concert was planned too late that they weren’t able to reserve ayala triangle anymore, cos i think that’s a way better venue than holding it in the streets, prolonging the road blocks, causing more traffic, and encouraging more people to join cos they’re gonna be caught in it any way. argh.

you’d think some companies dismissed their employees early so they could join in the cause? NO. that’s a choice of course but it’s more out of concern that they’d be caught in so much traffic and hassle if they left later. buti pa sila sensitive!

// super heavy rain
i’m not gonna blame this on the MPM but this made my night worse. i arrived at zuellig to fetch jeckie super wet and tired and all. hay

if this is their way of reaching out to the tax payers of makati central business district, you know, by inconveniencing them on a friday of all days, WELL DONE.

anyway. i’m sorry. i may be overreacting. i just can’t get over that concert blocking the way!