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Month: June 2012

  • hmm

    sometimes i’m thinking if all of this was worth it. if my choice was right. that in exchange of a better sounding company and a 5 thousand salary difference, i’m facing a lot of hassles in life, stress and my kryptonite — java. i’m thinking if the experience will be worth all the hardships, the…

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  • adjustment bureau

    no not the movie, just yknow, something i think i’m kindof touring right now. so you see, i can live with the haggard commute home, standing on the bus from ayala to guadalupe at the least (megamall at worst), the seemingly endless walks, and the muscle pain, EVERYDAY. yes, i can totally live with that.…

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  • tiring days

    i’m actually pretty scared to start working, mainly because i just realized how dynamic and fast-paced Smart is. i dunno if i could handle the workload, the technology shifts every now and then, and the travel. took me 2 hours to get home because of heavy traffic. >XS plus i’m like so nega about getting…

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