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Month: June 2012

  • drama

    and i thought eventually i’d get used to myself mentally whining about resigning everyday,but it seems like the dread is back on the loop. what i want others to understand is that i’m a fkn clean slate, employee with absolutely no knowledge on the prerequisites of her job. student who probably didn’t learn anything substantial… Continue reading

  • really now

    huh anlabo. last month, i took the exam at accenture for ASE and FAILED. yeah, i blogged about it. i waited extra hours for the result and when my patience gave in, i decided to just leave and wait for their confirmation through email. it arrived that same day, and it says ‘we regret to… Continue reading

  • goodbye wave, goodbye w510

    in an attempt to finally pay off all my debts (all meaning the grad fee i borrowed from the fund), i had to sell my phone and digicam. it cost more than i needed to be debt free but the remaining money i shall use to purchase a new and better phone! i’m eyeing on… Continue reading

  • blogging from work

    for the short (who knows) meantime that my computer doesn’t have internet access yet. i may blog though my email account from time to time. LOL and this is just a test to see if it works. >:) ————————————- Arianne Grace C. Birog (Yan) IT – Operation Support Systems Smart Communications, Inc. 0918-6727-627 This communication… Continue reading

  • lugmok!

    here we go again. like usual, i’m a total odd ball at meetings, i couldn’t keep up with the terms and the entire thing just blew my head off! i understood a bit (like 1/10 of the entire agenda) about the whole project but i can’t imagine how to execute that. codes yknow. java know.… Continue reading

  • How to permanently and easily unlock your Samsung GT-E1080F (Network Lock, Sim Lock)

    My phone was initially Sun locked and i wanted to insert a Smart Buddy sim on it. i searched around and this is what i found effective: 1. insert wrong sim card to phone. in my case, i inserted a smart buddy sim card on my sun locked phone. 2. turn it on. it will… Continue reading