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still job hunting

hmm. reading forums have become sooo unhelpful in my quest for looking a job. the problem is that, i get to read bad stuff about some companies i’m applying to making them look less stellar in my eyes. i know i’m in no right position to be choosy, my goal for this summer is to just collect and select job offers but some forum posts are hindering me from journeying to makati to pursue some applications LOL.

crappy day! i didn’t go on duty today because i supposedly have 2 interviews. morning at MISYS, afternoon at Azeus, and some decision making to do about Emerson.

i woke up pretty late this day so i slashed off going to the misys interview, after all the weather was so gloomy. i was so happy pa naman because they texted me yesterday and said i passed their parity exam. the one worth 4 hours, with 500 points total, 400 passing score, and has only 5 problems. i felt so proud of myself yeyyy! then i looked back at the posts at PEX and got discouraged. i know i’m not supposed to but… hay.

someone from Azeus also texted me yesterday for an exam this afternoon. i came in 15 minutes late cos i got so lost at ortigas hahaha plus it’s super traffic and the weather is freaking bad. when i got there they had to reschedule my exam because their rooms are full already for some reason. haaaayy sayang get-up, pamasahe at sakit ng ulo ko haha

yesterday, emerson finally called back. and i knew it was already late because she offered me a different position already. an irrelevant sounding position considering my course. plus, it’s still midshift. i dunno. hay.

hay. sakit ng ulo kooooo rarrrr

ayoko na magpadala sa mga forum posts! next week i’ll be back at Misys, BPI and Azeus. also at Smart for a “possible job offer discussion” (well that’s their term eh) haha. Lord, help me. >XO