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Finally after 6 years!

every time i try to blog, i always don’t know where to start. i told myself i should blog regularly, like daaaaily so i’d become more aware of my activities because i have a bad case of forgetfulness… but then again, i always forget. >:

anyway, i graduated yesterday yeyyyy! whew! after 6 freaking loooong years of struggle, i was able to graduate from college, and with bonus honors! >XD honestly, i wasn’t excited when i learned about it, i was more, “lecheng uplb grades! dragged me to the fourth when i should be first!!!” oo, sobrang bitter ko. super duper because i really want that spot on the stage, that part of the ceremony where i take 10 minutes of everyone’s time delivering silly whatnots and of course ADVERTISING THE YEARBOOK. that was the plan mehn! that was the ultimate purpose of wanting to be on top. being first gives you a 10 minute chance to impress the audience more with your achievements, acknowledge important people in your life and blaahhh, but to me, it’s a chance to reach out to the parents of more or less 200 students who, i am sure, have at least 1,500 in their pockets (i am sooo sure because i know they will all be eating lunch at cozy restos after) and wouldn’t want their child to miss the chance to be immortalized in a lifelong legacy. i have even projected a presentation to go along with it, payment and write-up submission statistics, sample layout, etc etc etc. it’s gonna be an epic speech.

but i know the plans God has for me, and he wants me to shut up with my plans of turning a supposedly solemn acknowledgement into a 10 minutes advertising stint. okay, Lord you win. i shut up. i just hope this uhm, enthusiasm that i feel wanting to push through with the yearbook with all my freakin dormant might will last until we actually produce something. hay.

haynako alam nyo ba!! kahapon pa tong post na to lechugas nakalimutan ko nanaman tapusin! nyarkkkk
katamad! gusto ko na kumita ng pera at mag layout ng yearbooks! tagal ng pictures! kainerpssss >XD