A very personal blog


i feel totally uncool being online at this hour. for one, it says something about my lack of social repertoire and enthusiasm about the coming year. hehehe truth is, 2011 — more than being the new year (for now) is just a typical ‘next year’. for me it’s just a continuation, nothing sort of a new beginning where i shed off my old skin and regenerate a new one. i’d like to think that we only get to start once and end once. after all, we aren’t cats, and we’re only given a single life cycle to live. i’m aware i’m being obnoxious here, idek why but as i get older, the anticipation fades. argh.

2011. i’d like to welcome you with good vibes, believe me but i’m having a bitch of a headache right now i’m just gonna try to finish this entry before it ticks 00:00.

on second thought. i’m just gonna watch the fireworks.