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year starter

Learnings from 2010
1. you can’t trust even your closest friends.
2. love (or something like it) ruins friendships. other friendships.
3. to earn everyone’s favor you must tolerate their vanity
4. i can never have enough money. argh
5. first love never dies. argh
6. too much knowledge kills faith
7. next to a dead man, lost trust is the hardest (if not impossible) to revive.
8. there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. but really, even if i tried, stupid questions and smart answers just don’t mix. -_-;

there’s more but i would sound like a totally ungrateful jerk if i continue. if in case, i hurt anyone in this list, just tell me and i’ll clarify (but most probably lie) so i guess it’s better not to ask.

Now, for the blessings. 2010 wasn’t entirely bad so i’m still thankful because…
1. i got a job. somehow
2. i maintained my scholarship
3. i have friends who make me laugh everyday
4. i have BTS
4. my family is still intact

and so on.

Resolutions (because it’s just a matter of rewriting the old stuff)
1. quit nail biting – to be completely honest i know i’ll never overcome this bad habit. yuh but it’s always worth resolving so wth
2. quit procrastinating – arguably the most common item in everyone’s list. and yet.
3. read more books – though i doubt i’ll ever have time for this. >:|
4. save more money – duh
5. work harder – so i could #4
6. try to lose weight – it’s the universal frustration. and you just have to agree.

a typical list.
now i have something to copy-paste every year haha