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supercaffeinated yeah

i’m excited to FORCE my friends to buy our fund-raising shirt, which is the one i designed. LOL. i finally convinced meg to sell the damned thing for profit and of course, for artist exposure KUNO. bwahahaha i know it’s a really cool shirt, i’m proud of it. and it’s gonna bring the org some cash so i’m entitled to act like a stage artist (pun intended) for it. oh shirt, i’m so proud of yaaaaaah, you go shirt! >:)

i’m jimm’s slave tonight. yessssss. but why? two weeks of school and i’m already drugging myself? too early! you wanna know why? 4 major major things:

1) tarp design – i slacked off on this job for months and tonight is payback time. it sucks cos i don’t even have time to bring the softcopy to the tarp printer, i’m not even sure if they’re open on weekends, or if they’re still open for business by now LOL last time i checked, they have no clients. oh Lord, i need em this weekend specially this superfriendly rate of 20 per square feet. >:(

2) seminar invitations – this should be a piece of cake if i weren’t such a loser at putting ‘inviting’ words together.

3) seminar certificates – i’ve done this before so… ok. DONE!!! >:D >:D >:D

4.) digicir quiz! yes i’m so serious with my studies i’m putting this off for the next 5 hours. yehey

library this morning was, believe it or not, fine. even though i have to multitask every 5 minutes, at least i didn’t get called for something i’ve done wrong, AGAIN. hahaha

since i have no majorcrush, well i have 2 minorcrushes but they’re so minor, KAYA NAMAN: i’m back to flailing over korean boyssss!

TAE KYUNG!!! grabe lang yung kilig ko kanina, sooo highschoool!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ WAAAAHH!!!!