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in fairness

my boss didn’t flare at me this morning. so i was in a good mood the entire day. believe me, the moment i saw her head poking up behind her monitor at the back first thing in the morning, my whole body was filled with dread. whenever she calls me, my head screams, “what the hell have i done agaaaaiin?!?!?!” and whether or not she’s calling me for good or otherwise, the feeling remains dreadful. this is so unhealthy, i’m like triggering the production of toxins in my body by harnessing bad stress! this could render me sick, anytime.

i wanna be stressed for GOOD. here’s my favorite type of stress, getting frozen when my majorcrush is within 5 yards. or twelve. INCHES. WAHAHAHA that’s pooooositive stress! something i don’t mind getting everyday cos it’s healthy. oo sabi sa radyo. but apparently, i’m majorcrushless!!! >:( and what’s taking up most of my mind right now is prospecting for a future job, in case i get fired… which is very likely, with the way i’ve become the apple of eye lately. haysows. if this morning was good, which is weird, then for sure tomorrow will be bad.

i’m not being negative, i’m just lowering my expectations to a harmless level. preparing for the worse of things to come. being realistic. yun. wahehehe

i wanna watch He’s Beautiful WAAAAAAHHH >8D >8D >8D