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still a crab

but i’m out of the hole-full of crabs for now. i’m wandering on the shore with my co-crabs. we’re getting along well, that is, you know, until we get into another hole. haha

see what i mean? i thought i was the only one bickering about our job but looks like i have the entire pack with me. i tried to be good, i mean, i tried to look at the bright side, i tried to convince myself that i’m only feeling this way because i haven’t been performing well. but hmmm, there’s really something wrong with her. that i’ve realized after hearing my colleagues sentiments. we all feel the same.

now i feel normal.

yeah. that’s all i needed, people to assure me that i’m not the only one undergoing such an emotional torment. here’s what i heard lately, she wants to replace ALL of us. you know if that happens, the only words i could tell her is “GOOD LUCK”. in a cheerful manner of course. and that’s the most polite thing i could say. i tried to imagine it but even in my most cheerful tone, the sarcasm overflows. couldn’t get rid of it, apparently.

my only concern is that, getting fired on your first ever job doesn’t sound good. and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your fault or not for landing a job with a boss who has a fancy for changing employees every three months (she changes maids every 2 months). keynote is: i’m getting fired. it’s a relief and a worry at the same time. of course, the relief goes to finally breaking free of her. and the worry goes to looking for a next job, or a next department… depending on how the HR weighs our termination. she’s not ignorant of what’s happening below her anyway, and i’m counting on that. >:)

why am i so apprehensive about this impending doom?