A very personal blog

i'm such a crab

and this crab needs a break. from work. from school. from the people around me.

i’m not growing.

and everyday i abhor the growing amount of distrust i feel towards the people close to me. minsan i want to quit the friendship because i’m not comfortable with their attitudes anymore. i don’t understand if i’m the one lacking, or they all seem too immature. 

not enough sense. not enough tact. not enough respect. too much pride on my part.

i wanna be on my own. would it be so bad to ask for new friends without looking like i abandoned my own pack? ang sama ng dating pero nakakasawa na. seriouuuussss. ang sama sama ko pero, sa totoo lang, i’m fine with just two of them. and they’re not the two people you’re thinking about, maybe one of them is, but not the other. 

waaah. sorry. >:((((

isa lang naman talaga gusto ko e, a pint of selecta coffee crumble ice cream. yun lang. >:”((((( chaka DVD ng “he’s beautiful.” hay

nothing like ant bites, backstabs, and a low quiz to ruin my day.