A very personal blog

Lord, you always surprise me. >:D

i’m excited tomorrow because i’m going to write another letter to Jesus and i’m going to slash off a looooooot of things on my wishlist! andame ng natupad, thank you so much Lord! bwahahahaha!

this day was soooo effing hot. got a hepa vaccine then came to antipolo with ate theresa. super adventure! best part was eating banana-q. yey fulfilling meeeehn. yun nga lang it was soooo freaking hot and my foot kept bitching around. may PE pa naman ako this tri. grrr..

oh wait, i’m technically the 5th smartest student in school now. wow i’ve never felt this smart before. yeheeeey.

daddy’s really going to teach at school! he’s talking physics 1 and 2, and mathmet LOOOL. it’s the reason why i chose a different section at physics! anyway, i’m going to sit-in his classes HAHAHAHAHAH humanda ka daddy. bwaha!