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the one i can't sleep without

i don’t know why i can’t leave my stuffed toys behind. i’m 19 and i still sleep with fake animals. i feel uneasy when i don’t have anything to hug when sleeping. her name is Baks, i don’t know why i give stupid names… i have a turtle named 30 and a dolphin called Pir, i call this laptop PA-Q (it’s compaq kasi), and my other laptop PA-Q 2 (the one that got stolen) but that’s besides the point haha sorina. Baks is short for Tibaks … named in the spirit of being a UP student (before) if you get what i mean. i didn’t know it could mean something… like her being a cow (or ox?), and me transferring to FEU… ang labo ba? but she’s like a tamaraw! sige na nga. pagbigyan ang pinagpilitang koneksyon.

school starts tomorrow. i’m… nervous, because i don’t have “easy” subjects, all of them seem so hard i wish i could pull them off with ease. whew!!

i realized that i’m one step behind being a full scholar! if only one of my grades were 0.25 units higher, i could’ve saved 13,000. haaaaaaaay sayang. sige next time!!!

woooooh! i love aircon. i hate the electric bill. @_@