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bwahaha! i was able to raise my midterm grade from 87.something to 90 because i searched my exam for corrections awhile ago. as in, i personally came to him to inquire about my code simply because i think there were no errors and that it deserved a perfect score. he gave me +10, still 10 points short of the perfect score for that part of the exam, but still! ok na yun! i could’ve bargained for a full score but he insisted that the others have the exact same code. oh well, they copied, and i let them. cost me 10 freaking points. ok lang. at least that’s a 3.00. there’s still room to make it higher though by experience, my final grades tend to move a step lower from the midterms. whew. more effort. aja! >:D

btw. my mom gave me her quantum pendant because i was sick. well, i felt sicker. @_@ sige, good night!