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right-brained or left-brained? brain dominance test >:D

here’s a really cool brain dominance test i saw earlier at plaridel’s blog! >:D all you have to do is look at the image above and tell whether the girl is turning clockwise or counter-clockwise. i’m not sure if blogger supports .gif, but i do hope the image is moving >:]

if it’s not moving, just refer to this entry: http://plaridel.wordpress.com/2009/02/15/right-brain-vs-left-brain/

if you see it moving clockwise, you’re right-brained; otherwise, left. 

anyways. i’ve taken brain dominance tests before and i’m always right-brained. they say right-brained people are more intuitive than analytical. left-brained people however, speaks otherwise. right-brained people are more logical and organized and so on… the list goes on… maybe you can check this out: http://painting.about.com/library/blpaint/blrightbraintable.htm

but you see, even though for the most part i think i’m more right-brained, i’d like to think that i’m also left-brained at times. see, i can make the image move from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice versa which is the funnest thing i’ve learned today! and also something i think i could benefit from! >:D

it was hard trying to switch brain-sides at first! when i first saw the picture, it’s definitely clockwise. i even thought the image is just a joke until i asked my dad and got an opposite answer. then i read the comments and discovered that it’s possible to make the girl turn the other way around. so i tried staring at a different part of the screen, with the image still on view and imagined it moving counter-clockwise. i was also drawing counter-clockwise circles with my finger to help me out. and it freaking did. the image turned counter-clockwise as my mind ordered. and when it did, it doesn’t change! it took me another minute to switch my brain-side and see the girl turning clockwise as it is orginally (i mean, when i first saw it. it may vary)

and noooow, the more i try switching it. the faster the switch becomes! LOL and if that is of any significance, maybe while studying, i’ll look at this image and switch to left-brain. if i need my creative juices flowing, i’ll switch to right-brain. it could help. haha! but i’m still more right-brained, because i always switch to it unconsciously… a couple of minutes ago i left the picture moving counter-clockwise… i just went to the bathroom and when i came back, it’s back to clockwise. lol