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Ang Panday (MMFF 2009) — ohkaay?

ah yeah, spoiler alert.

so, awhile ago my parents and i watched And Panday because my sister gave us free tickets (she can’t come cos she has work) and it’s only valid on SMF cinemas and only during the film fest period. i was really excited over it because it garnered so many awards… best actor, best visual effects, best picture (???) blah blah blah. but when i watched it i was like, “ok. nothing special with the story. =__=;”

i mean, it was your typical hero-rescues-his-girlfriend thing that i’ve seen countless of times, there’s nothing extraordinary with the story — well it’s the first time i watched anything panday— ! and wait, i think there were so many cuts… or does it really looked rushed?

i like the characters though! the props, the effects, hands down to their creative team! but really, the ploooot????   i wish they had changed the story, or twisted it or something to make it more unpredictable.

and there were loopholes… you know, stuff i thought were too stupid but were included to make the scene look ‘epic’. the part where flavio runs through the desert to retrieve his sword which has planted on the ground… lizardo’s minions were running after him after having sprout from the sand. it’s weird though, cos everyone was BEHIND him. why???? minutes ago, the evil cronies where appearing from EVERYWHERE, and now they only appear from behind flavio??? gaaawd, that’s too pro-protagonist.

and why… lizardo was trying to block flavio from entering his ‘castle’ by sending his troops to the desert… but when he faced him for the second time, he apparated  themselves INTO his castle. i don’t see the point! it’s not like he’s stronger when he’s in his domain. and far as i’ve seen his powers, he can send an army of orc-looking-soldiers at the desert in an instant. no need to go to his castle, right?

my favorite part was when flavio lost his sight. i felt his ‘acting’ right there when looked so helpless, fumbling his way through the desert. but it was aaaaaall spoiled, aaaaaall spoiled when a ‘fairy’ (ann curtis) appeared and restored his vision. i mean, i felt like his being blind was made just so he could show off his ‘best actor’ skills and nothing else!

i thought! his blindless will stay and emelita and celso will train him to fight without vision and lizardo will be beaten by a blind panday and Pulang Lupa will be led by a wise and blind king. that sounded more epic to me. partida lang! but noooooooo. that disappointed me.

elenita (rhian ramos) dying is a major epic fail. i didn’t like it at all! celso’s there, she has a partner!!! why did she have to diiiieeee? why her? lolo isko could’ve made a better leaving character… his death will mean more than elenita’s. haynako.

hahaha and celso (geoff eigenmann) is so stunning ♥ ♥ ♥ i love his role ala-legolas! though there’s not much of his character introduced in the story, i still like him! ♥ ♥ ♥ now if only elenita didn’t die. grr…

k. goodnight. >:D