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body balance

went to the gym yehey. >:D my sister is planning on getting a PT (personal trainor) cos she can’t stand mommy nagging about her weight. hahaha and that costs a damn lot. i mean, honestly, all you’re paying the PT for is to FORCE yourself to workout. if you’ve got enough discipline, then i’m sure you’ll be able to handle your weight training yourself. haha something i can’t do. wahaha

of all the group exercises, Body Balance is my favorite cos it’s like yoga and pilates… a sort of scaled down version. i wanna try yoga too but i can’t find a good schedule haha. actually, i don’t have a sense of balance at all. i can’t hold my right leg up for 10 seconds without toppling over. and body balances is a slow exercise, which is cool because you’re just like meditating! wahehehehe

i’m pretty much convinced that i’m out-of-crush with ryan agoncillo already. ever since he got married, yeah. so maybe i’ll start crushing over geoff eigennman instead! and coco martin! ♥ ♥

hmm, will be enrolling tomorrow. i only reserved 18 units, so that i’ll get a lot of time to bum around. haha