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congrats kuya michael && ate myla!! >XD

it’s my cousin’s wedding today yeheeey! congrats kuya michael! welcome to the family ate myla. both of them look so stunning that it sucks cos i don’t have a decent picture of them. grr, my dad is such a candid freak, he wants everyone’s unguarded moments to laugh at in the future hahaha.

i caught the bouquet (my freaking second time, now i have 2 garters in my drawer haha)! it was probably the dumbest moment of my life, when i was looking so careless and unassuming, that the bouquet found its way on my hands. LOL my cousin recorded it on video so you could see how it fatefully rejected everyone at first, then just flew right at me, i was even shocked. i never thought it was funny until i watched the video. wahahaha!

i also caught the bouquet on the last wedding i attended. and it was sheer luck, just a matter of pulling the right string where the bride’s bouquet is tied to. hahaha

let’s try lotto wahahaha

wahahaha it my first time to participate in a wedding ceremony, as cord sponsor. yehey! >XD hahahha

everyone’s got one, and i don’t. why is superstition so depressing? hahaha i could only think that catching a bouquet means you’re bound to catch next one… and the next one, and never be able to throw one yourself. HAHAHA