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today was both fun and exhausting LOL, my first time to host a house party. sobrang nakaka haggard pala yon? HAHAHA we’re supposed to hold it at KA’s house pero may party pala sila ngayon so we had to look for a different place, i offered mine… mostly to save money and to put up for not being able to host 2 years ago cos i was confined in the hospital hehehehe.

it’s really really amazing to be with my friends. my highschool friends. my ever legitimate and original barkada. it stays that way right? highschool friends are the most solid people you’ll ever get in your entire life. nothing could ever replace that awwwwww.

AND MY BED BROKE. hahaha ang bigat ba natin??? haha japanese style nanaman ako ulit! well i actually prefer no bed cos the underside gets dusty and it’s hard to sweep wahahaha.

ok, it’s 1:30am. i’m dead tired and i have to sleep well because i’ll be attending a wedding tomorrow, in 9 hours. i forgot to fast for it, deeeym. =____=; i need a push-up strapless bra, a binder and a girdle to create an illusion that i’m thinner that i actually am. whew. hard task. 🙂

i love BTS.