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back in less than a day! haha excessive posting fever ito… eh ganun talaga pag may internet sa bahay… i can’t do anything other than blogging because our net speed cannot accomodate my other internet rituals (videos, photos, downloads). wahehehehe

studying didn’t even cross my mind.
i do hope we don’t have a meeting tomorrow so that i can at least enjoy this long weekend. i have 3 exams this week, on wednesday thursday and friday… and i only intend on studying for my wednesday exam. hehehe

dibale, sa dorm na lang. hindi ko dinala handouts ko eh. bwahahahaha

i wonder what’s gonna happen when this sem ends and i’m left with this hanging feeling for him.
sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko matapos na to bago matapos ang sem para di ako naloloka pag di ko sya nakikita. parang nung dati, instant tuldok! kaya bago pa kami magkahiwalay, wala na yung feeling. hehehe

ano ba, Lord. may plano ka ba dyan? SHARE NAMAN!! hahahaha

CLICK HERE! i just uploaded a new album “experimenting on henna” featuring my designs (on the spot pa yun ha! hehehe)! 😀 😀