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before anything else, happy ♥s season

valentines has always been ‘singles-awareness-day’ spelled backwards…
yeah, it’s just now that it bothered me not to have a boyfriend (or anything similar) this season. why, i’m 17! >___>;

i’m old enough!
and i’d be spending this blasted season either with my dormmates or with my orgmates… good thing i had a major crush this time so at least i won’t feeling so left alone.

yeah, i guess a crush is good enough. and he’s quite busy nowadays too, i pity him. he badly wants to get over this month already. well, i don’t want to. it’d be March by then… and soon there’ll be the finals week which means classes will end soon… and i don’t want to because i won’t be able to see him anymore. >___>;

what’s up with virgos…?
all of my major crushes are virgos. wtdhl. >____>;

know what, i want flowers… or balloons or chocolates… well i accept any gift.
being single has a lot of benefits, yeah. there’s freedom in big bold uppercase letters… but dmn, February is a whole month of suffering for us. >___>;

grabe. walang thrill!
ang booooooooooooooooooooooooring. lch.

oh, and what sucks more is that i have nothing to keep me busy this week. i only have one exam… and it’s 10a… and i don’t usually study 10a… >____> i’m really unocuppied…

actually, if i come think of it… i have loads of things to catch up with my acads but it always boils down to my refusal to engage in anything academic while i’m inside the dorm.

btw, my sister + vynne went SPEED DATING today. they were inviting us to join them but heck, i don’t think it’s going to solve any of my problems… better yet replace my current major crush in my rotting brain….

at feeling ko pa nagpapakaloyal ako sa crush ko dahil ayoko makipagspeed dating. bukod sa
a) nakakahiya
b) baka may makita pa kong brod dyahe
c) sayang 100
eto pa
d) ewan ko… enjoy pa ko sa crush ko eh… ayoko muna sha palitan.

dibale next time pag desperada na talaga ako.

parang gusto ko tuloy mag-arcade at magracing na lang… mas enjoy yun.
gusto ko ulit tuloy mag EK! yeheeeey.