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and i thought 14 is going to suck for me. well, i still don’t know what’s up with this day for me….you see, it’s too early to assume anything. bwaha

yey! i attended my swimming class awhile ago. the diving board still scares me but i’m okay i guess hahaha. hey, we’re swimming the pool length already! that’s 25 meters! yeah! i actually thought i should get a lot of practice with length swimming, my endurance is kinda low… but i can sprint. so this day we had 6 laps… free-back, back and forth. it was tiring, everytime i get to the other side of the pool i stay there for a couple of minutes to rest. bwahaha, i don’t have enough stamina to do 6 laps straight… unless i’m in a competition, that could be arranged.

>___>; saturday is eng’g meet day! and it’s just swimming, track and field and couple of missed games… >__>; i’m more conscious with my swimwear that with my swimming. wtdhl.

YESTERDAY was ultra great.
i had to make myself look pretty (and i was hoping i did it right). seriously. because…err… because it’s the last time i’m going to see my crush before valentines, unless he’s going to swim/watch this saturday… i’m not really counting on the chance of me seeing him this blasted day, for all i know he’s so busy with things. but he’s enjoying it, i’m glad.

let’s go back to yesterday… i didn’t attend my micro1 class because i don’t want to. (SEE HOW EASY IT IS FOR ME TO DECIDE ON SKIPPING A CLASS??!?!? somedy help) but i did attend my hum1 class, so far it’s my favorite class because it’s fun and the people are nice…. basta, fun. and there’s also the ♥ factor. wtdhl. we gave a surprise quiz! more like the teacher asked us to give one… bwaha. then that’s it. 🙂

i just gave birth to my 4th child. her name is anne christiane. 🙂 so all in all, i had 3 divorces and this new marriage. like usual i’m not hoping in this current relationship to last, unless there’s something mutual between me and my self-proclaimed husband… then that’s a different story. i am willing to wait.]

last night even though it was raining, kim (my second daughter) and i went to the feb fair to watch the Gorgeous 20 (i was actually persuading my youngest, anne, to join as well and be the Gorgeous 21.bwahaha but it’d be scandalous so we just dismissed the thought). it was still early, the show before it hasn’t ended yet so we decided to just watch. ayos. nice bands. i enjoyed some. but what i enjoyed most is that i saw my crush. hahaha so mega bantay lang ako sa kanya. whatever talaga.

but i enjoyed it.
it made my day.
he made my day.

if you know how my dorm life is going, you’d be sure to understand what [this text] means.

btw, i skipped my history class just know. it’s boring me big time and i feel like the teacher hates me for not being responsible enough. i know i know. i don’t pass reflection papers, i paid for the trip but didn’t join (i got sick, dmmt!), i’m usually absent minded in her class and she notices.

i hate boring classes.
similarly, i hate boring teachers, hard subjects and terror teachers.

and shool is basically all about that.
so in short, i hate school.