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why, i missed reading fanfics

it seems like i’m not reading a lot like i used to anymore. the last time i read was because i’m required to for an exam. i hardly get a decent dose of ‘good reads’ ever since the sem began… and you know what, i think i’ve already stopped reading fanfics.

i think i’m gradually losing touch with one of my favorite hobbies, fanfic reading. i’ve also stopped writing… i’m on a long-term fanfic-writing hiatus… and even though the plot bunnies are working overtime on various plots… i don’t get motivated enough to type it down. i’ve lost the will to write… so to speak.

and harry potter is slowly exiting my brain too. guess what? i didn’t go crazy over not watching the 5th installment. apparently, my being a fangirl is also starting to fade. i’m not much into harryXdraco anymore (though the idea of homo pairings still interest me a bit).

coffee prince is my current obsession, but now that i’ve finished the series and was given a bad cliffhanger… i guess i’ll just forget it sometime. worse is, the possiblity of a coffee prince 2 is sorta vague because the actor of choi han kyul just signed up for military… =( unless they wanna do another coffee prince with an entirely different story… that could be fine but i want to stick with a cute crossdresser. >_>;

i won’t be going to school on monday because i need to go on a check up… have someone interpret my chest xray and ECG findings… it’s weird not to know whether you have a lung or a heart problem… or both.

by all means i’m still swimming for the org… but to cheer? i’m not sure about that. i think i’ll quit… they should understand. i hope so… i think they would… they’re really considerate. ♥ i love AChES.

warning: crap ahead

life’s been pretty boring lately. seriously, i haven’t studied ‘seriously’ ever since the sem started. ask my dormates… i hardly go to the desk to flip my notebook for some homework. i don’t do my homeworks… unless they needed to be passed. i get lazy over the idea of studying organic chemistry again… i was never rightly motivated. i don’t study for a quiz… i just pray over it.

i dunno, do i need a boyfriend? hahaha
everybody has one nowadays… and i just dreamt of being hugged and kissed on the forehead by a friend whom i don’t have feelings for…
but when i think about it i sigh… it feels good to be hugged and kissed on the forehead (for real)… it seemed so warm and innocent. whatadream.

koreanovelas have this thing about getting the best lovelife when you’re already in your late 20’s. i think they have a point there, you have to mature first… land a job and get stable. yeah. but filipinos mature easily, what with the poverty and repressed emotions? >_>; whatev. i’m talking crap here.

koreanovelas make me feel fluttery but it also makes me feel frustrated… should i wait till i’m already 30 years old to get that kind of romance? hahaha…

a good decision may be to disconnect from the internet, shut this computer down and go upstairs to study.

heck, we’re having our first long exam on chem40 next week.
imagine, it’s 2 months past the start of the second sem and we’re just at our first exam???

kay, braincells???? let’s work hard this year!
i wish you weren’t exposed to too much ninhydrin last week. i really need your help this time. ♥