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seriously… T_T;

i’m getting tired of hospital trips… the last last time i went there was because i got confined with UTI. And now, i mean yesterday, i was brought to the hospital again and was given an impression of pneumonia and enlargement of the heart. and all the while i thought this tightness that i feel around my right chest is just heartburn! i even took a lot of kremil-s and zantac!!! >__>;

now i’m medicating on a pain reliever, a flu tablet, and an antibiotic.
i just hope it’s not something critical… for all i know pneumonia can be treated… and the elargement of the heart is just a manifestation of the viral infection i acquired. the doctor says, the heart resorts to enlarge itself to be able to pump in more blood so that we can breathe better. it’s most common in althetes, because of their activities their hearts have to work extra hard with pumping blood so they get bigger… it’s a good thing in this case yknow. however i don’t think i’m athletic enough to grow my heart bigger…>__> which means mine’s purely viral. yeah, that’s it. i can hardly breathe properly these days and my back hurts too… sleeping on a chair is a damn bad idea. but then lying down could be worse… >__>;

oh, i just finished watching Coffee Prince!! ♥ wonderful, really. i enjoyed it! ♥ makes me more frustrated!!!

a bar of chocolate would definitely make my day. ♥