A very personal blog

i missed astra 🙂

ok from now on… i’m going to resume my internet browsing here… i was only lured to spacehub because they have a 20/hr charge for members… and here i pay the regular 25/hr even though i am a member.

anyway… i still think it’s better here. the aircon is on all day… the place is comfy… no games! meaning no noisy little schoolboys crowding around on a single node! and wait! somethings have changed! all the PC hubs have flatscreen monitors! yeah! last time i checked they still have those big monitors (which isn’t a bad thing actually, except that they take up a lot of space) and there are just a few tables with flatscreen on it! they really made great improvement… not bad for 25. ^___^;

actually guys, i have an exam tomorrow at 10am… i know i have a lot to study/memorize but you know me… i’m being the usual mistress of procastination… nothing goes first than satisfying my internet craves… which technically isn’t something to be put on high priority. >_>;

someone spank me… >___>;

i’m been really negligent lately. i think yesterday… i only attended one and a half worth of classes just because i’m too sleepy to rise up at 9 (!!!!) and to lazy to go to my 2:30 class (!!!). gosh, i don’t know what’s up with me! i’m not naturally dumb… though this university is effectively making me think otherwise. i firmly believe that up to now, i can still score an above average IQ… but you see, i think the lowest kind of people here are those with above average IQ… wtf roight?

oh yeah, i remember now. the reason why i still attend my hum1 class which is scheduled at an equally annoying timeslot (11:30-1) -imagine the heat! jeep is not practical too!- would be because i love the thought provoking discussions and yeah, i have a crush on a classmate.

oh, for once… i want to get called for recitation (because i feel like i have something sensible to share)! i feel like my class number (22) is invisible and slips right through one’s consciousness even on a roll call. i don’t even think our teacher recognizes me as his student because last time he checked, my class index card isn’t with him. hahaha

even so, i’m ok with it. 🙂 at least i have a crush. ♥

it’s almost valentines.
someone give me a flower or a box of chocolates! -a desperate’s plea for a freakin lovelife-

wait! i was just chatting with lau awhile ago… asking for advice on transferring… thank goodness i learned something…
prepare for the CEAT panel interview. >__>;
and if all else fails… appeal to the assistant dean, because she/he’s the kindest.