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an asteroid to hit earth this 2019?

the news says so – Space Rock ‘on collision course’

i’d probably be 29 or 30 by then… mehn, i don’t want to die that early! >_>; i don’t think i’d be married even!

whatever happens, it’s up to God to decide… scientists say the risk of diverting the direction the threatening object is low… and when it does rocket down to earth, it might cause a whole continent to disappear! what a scary forecast… and to think that it’s still a decade or so away makes it even more worrisome! imagine, we have predicted a cause for the world to end 11 years early!

i don’t really think it’s early you know. some people believe that we should start looking for a better place to preserve the human race… in this case, we should all hop on to mars and build a whole new community.

is that even possible?
it’s a dead planet! if there were any sort of organism living there it would be some unknown hybrid of a protozoa… i wouldn’t even bet on the chance of us prolonging our lifeline for a year!

unless God makes another living planet out of the blast.

i mean, what if…
because of that asteroid… the earth will die and explode… and because of that explosion… it would affect the other planets peacefully orbiting the sun?
could it be possible that another living planet will be me made?

what if, the Earth is not really the first ever living planet? what if before us is another living planet… who died because of some threatening space object?

and the people who lived there also believed in a God who favored their race the most. tapos, it became so corrupted with evil that God decided to sweep it off and just create a new world…? parang eto lng din?

but then, if he’s really God… he would never commit the same mistake again. ok so i’m off them.

eh wla lang.