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such a short break

before we left for the break our hum1 teacher assured us that we would have something academic to do over the vacation. so he left us with 137 pages of boring text from various writers (including some pages from anne frank’s diary – that’s 68.50 pesos swept off from my pocket).

last night i gave time to sort the pages off and found out that he gave us exactly 12 different stories to read… i couldn’t help but laugh at this. he wanted to make sure we won’t present any viable excuse not to read the whole text because we can do it day by day. 12 days of vacation for 12 different readings, ranging from the most boring englishman to the most liberal filipino writer. =|

on top of that, i’ve just downloaded 4 neil gaiman books from 4share.com and i still have tons of meg cabot pending to be read.

seriously, the need for a laptop is becoming unbearable. i couldn’t invest a fortune on mimeograph printed bestsellers… that’s why i stick to e-books (however illegal and selfish it sounds), then again i don’t have enough time for this. grrr…

hehe. i’m looking forward to a laptop.
but for a short term goal i think i’d have to open another bank account, this time with an atm card… because my other bank account is strictly for my investment money only.

yeah. i think it’s better, i’d have two accounts… one for my future and the other for my miscellaneous needs (like a decent DVD of gravitation and clothes, yeah, clothes). hahaha… hello money. where the hell are you?!?!

wenkwenk. i forgot, i also need to get thinner and fitter this vacation… no matter how ironic it sounds to do on a diet this christmas. i’m a sucker for a lean frame.